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Boras on Fielder

Scott Boras held court with the media and talked a little Prince Fielder. While Fielder is under the Brewers control, they have been shopping him.

The Orioles have asked about him, but it’s important to take into account that they have just inquired. It would take some young starters to net a guy like Fielder, and while I think it’s a good idea, they’d have to sign Fielder to an extension to make it worth it. So you’re talking big-time money and some good young arms.

Otherwise, they’d only have him for a year and to give up on a young promising arm for a rental is not a good idea for a team that is still trying to finish .500. The O’s aren’t about to pull out all the stops to be competitive in 2011. They have to build for long-term success and have to think things through. Is it frustrating at times? I bet. Even more so for the fans.

Here’s Boras..

[On Fielders situation]
“I can’t really address that. I think that, in each situation, a general manager has got to look at the probability and whether the ownership wants the player to stay vs. the prospects and/or draft picks they may get. In each scenario, it really depends on the judgments of the variables given to the general manager. sometimes ownership gets to reflect on what goes on in the marketplace and they may evaluate their positions on what they want to do with their existing players.”

[on the possibility of the Brewers working out an extension]
“We’ve certainly, had discussions last year. Doug and I met at the GM Meetings. We continue to talk. Whether Mark and I are going to sit down, I don’t know. Doug and I are going to have meetings further about Prince’s short term and potentially long-term situation.”

[Open to an extension before free agency?] “Always, my clients, our ears are open to everything. We’ve shared the information with everyone. We’ve not closed any doors, no.”

[Do the Brewers want to do it?]
 “I don’t really have a sense other than, there’s obviously  … I find attractive information that’s occurred over the past couple of weeks about the value of hitters and sluggers and things. sluggers are sluggers. I think the important thing is the rarity of them, particularly in the game today. we’ve really seen, and carlos pena signing today, is an example of the fact that when you have power, teams are going to aggressively pursue you. The one thing that I hear, anyone in the game who is going to hit 25 home runs nad play defense, you have extreme value. What I call, new value. The game has arisen, the metrics are different then they were five years ago. The general managers and the teams have, they’re looking for things that I think in the past, there was a plentiful supply of. Now there is really just a lot less reliability in the ability to have an .800 OPS. An ability to drive in runs nad play defense and have power, boil down the numbers, the rarity .. the realization of that really hit this winter.”

“I met with Prince a couple of weeks ago. We expected this. When you’re that talented … the freeway for sluggers is a pretty known one and he kind of knows where all the x’s are and what route he’s on.”