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Old Orioles on this year's squad

As you might have read, the Orioles had a nice on-field celebration for the 1970 World Series Champion Orioles team earlier Saturday afternoon. At the press conference, several old Orioles chimed in on the current state of the O’s…

Paul Blair: “I just kind of think that we don’t have the kind of leadership and coaches that we need here to make this a better organization, an organization like we had when we were all playing. There’s no structure here, there’s no leadership. Until we get that, we will continue to struggle the way we’re struggling.”

Frank Robinson: “I am not going to sit here and try to tell you what’s wrong with this organization or this team right now. But it saddens me to see the course that this organization has taken for quite a number of years, 13 or 14 years. It bothers me and I don’t feel good about it, because I always take a lot of pride in wearing this uniform, and I always will. Hopefully we can get going sometime and that’s it. I know they’ve been saying that for a lot of years, I know they’re trying, but they just haven’t had the right mix.”

Davey Johnson: “I love Baltimore. All my kids were born here. I had great years playing here. I really enjoyed managing here. We had some fun, we came up short. All of us hate to see Baltimore fall on hard times.  They’ve got a nucleus of some pretty good young players. I keep looking for them to bounce back and start doing the things that they’re capable of doing. As far as commenting on what’s going on, I’m working down the Beltway for the Nationals. As far as Baltimore, I hope they straighten out it and start winning.”

Frank Robinson, on enduring the 1988 O’s season (101 losses) and what advice he gives to Juan Samuel, his players, and the next manager:
“Be positive. Look down the players in the lineup and see who you can be successful with that night. Manage the game as you see it and don’t try to worry about the games that have gone by. Think about the games to be, and do what you can do to win those ball games. And be positive. Try to take as much out of swapping lineups and players as you possibly can.
I became a comedian of sorts during the course of our ’88 season, because we had to laugh, we had to joke, we had to talk to reporters every day and keep them  away from the players and keep them from focusing on the players on the field.

You’ve just got to stay positive, that’s all there is to it. You can’t get down, because the players feed off of you. And you can’t fool them. They can look at you and see if you’re down or if you have confidence in them or whatever. That’s what you have to do. That’s the biggest job you have to do in that situation.”