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Lost in the shuffle…

“The game is ruined,” manager Dave Trembley said, “Because we
don’t close it out.”

Erased was the performance of Miguel Tejada, who went 3-for-5
with a homer and four RBIs, in his first appearance back in Baltimore since
being traded away in December of 2007. Wasted was the 2 1/3 scoreless innings
thrown by Mark Hendrickson and the job setup man Jim Johnson did to keep the
score tied.  Gone, too, was the effort by
pinch-runner Felix Pie, who legged out a Cesar Izturis’ center field single,
scoring all the way from first base to give the Orioles a one-run edge heading
into the ninth inning.  

Let’s also take a second and recognize the offense coming out of the No. 8 hole. Garrett Atkins went 2-for-4 to raise his average to .375 through the team’s first four games. He doubled in his first three games, becoming the first player in Orioles history to accomplish that feat upon coming to Baltimore. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the performance to start the season by Matt Wieters. Not that you could.

Postcards from Dunedin

While the Orioles’ 13-3 loss to the Blue Jays is one you’d probably like to forget, I did take some time pregame to snap a few more shots.


I know what you’re thinking: what an original stadium name. I thought the same thing.

Orioles Intrasquad 007.jpg
There’s Justin Turner in the dugout before taking some BP. He alleges he doesn’t like these photos, but he seems to get in a awful lot of them doesn’t he?

Orioles Intrasquad 009.jpg 

See? There’s Turner again, with new bench coach Jeff Datz directly above him. Datz will manage the split squad team that goes to Fort Myers on Saturday, and according to manager Dave Trembley he’s already asked for detailed statistical reports.

Orioles Intrasquad 017.jpg

Adam Jones smiling while swinging. This trend continued when he homered later in Thursday’s game.

Orioles Intrasquad 016.jpg

Matt Wieters and Jones waiting around to take their cuts. Wieters also homered in Thursday’s game for his second hit of the spring. Maybe there is something to the more playing time reasoning he gave me….

Orioles Intrasquad 013.jpg

Miguel Tejada didn’t have quite as much to smile about as Jones and Wieters. Miggi did pick up his first RBI this spring with a first-inning single, but he made two errors and looked out of sorts at third. Ironically, manager Dave Trembley spent much of the pregame talking about Tejada’s transition. Don’t get me wrong, as a whole Tejada’s proved to be capable at third. But Thursday he looked awful.

Orioles Intrasquad 001.jpg

Just to make you jealous…this is the view from my condo’s porch. But before I start getting hate mail, I’ll have you know I’ve only been to the beach once. It’s hard work being the rookie on the beat! 🙂

Trembley & those corner infielders

Manager Dave Trembley said prior to the game that he was happy with the way Garrett Atkins and Miguel Tejada were taking to their respective spots at first and third base.

“I continue to believe both of them will grow and improve as they gain more game experience,” Trembley said. “Plus, they’re not going to get bounced back and forth. Atkins will play first base, Tejada wil play third. I think they will continue to improve.”

Sunday afternoon, they pair furthered that proof. Atkins –who doubled in his first at-bat — has been errorless on the day, while Tejada continues to look like a veteran at third. He did a nice spin move on his glove side to get Yamaico Navarro for the first out of the second inning, and also caught a pop-up in for the second out.

“This is the first day since the first day of camp Tejada didn’t have early work [with infield coach Juan Samuel],” Trembley said. “We gave him Sunday off. They’ve spent a lot of time at that field at 8:30 every morning. I’m happy with that.”


Oritz and Miggi catch up;Tejada to play Monday as well


That’s Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and Orioles third baseman Miguel Tejada hugging on the field pregame. Oritz joked with Tejada that the pair “aren’t getting any younger. At least they are still having fun. Also pictured: Felix Pie.


Manager Dave Trembley said pregame today that he will start to play some of the regular position players back-to-back, with Tejada being one of those guys. The former shortstop has been putting in extra early work every day with infield coach Juan Samuel, but got a morning off on Sunday. Tejada is batting 4th in the Orioles lineup today, and will play again on Monday.

Trembley said not every expected starter will go back to back, and although he declined to name specifically, you would have to assume Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold won’t go back-to-back just yet.  Center fielder Adam Jones will also be one of Sunday’s starters that will play on Monday.

Miggi: Bring on the games

Manager Dave Trembley said today that he wants to keep the soon-to-be regular fixture of Miguel Tejada and Cesar Izturis together as often as possible this spring.

“The more times I can play them together in the spring, I think the better,” Trembley said.

Tejada, who has been taking extra early work with infield coach Juan Samuel told me  earlier this week that he is progressively feeling more comfortable at third base, and is eager to try things at game speed.

“I’m comfortable, now I can’t wait for the games to start,” Tejada said. “In practice now I’m fine, I don’t have a problem, I feel comfortable and I’m excited to be there. I’m waiting for the games to get started because it’s different.”

Tejada acknowledged that fielding the bunt will still be hard for him in the beginning, but there are other areas of the hot corner he feels he has pretty under control.

“It’s not difficult to see the ball coming, no matter how hard it’s coming, [and] going to the side is the same as shortstop,” Tejada said. “I think going forward for the bunt is the big [one], [and] something I’m going to start working on.”

Trembley said his plan for Tejada this spring is similar to that of the rest of the regular position players: balancing playing time with rest.

“[I]try to stay away as best I can from playing guys in back-to-back
games early,” Trembley said. “After that, start playing guys more innings and
working into playing back-to-back games. So, at the end of camp, guys
have played three in a row and are up to nine innings.”

Trembley said he wants to start Izturis and Tejada in the same Spring Training games so the pair can get familiar with each other. He also plans on keeping them back at the Orioles training complex together during certain road trips, so the pair can continue to work alongside each other.

On Sunday, Trembley said he wasn’t sure exactly how many starts he would give Tejada at third base this spring.

“I know he’s going to have to get game time at third, but I think you’re
going to have to balance it with being practical and realize that he’s a
veteran player and an older guy,” Trembley said. “These games don’t count. You want him
ready for the season.”

Trembley: It's time for us to turn the corner

Shameless plug alert: I’ve got my video debut from this morning, talking Orioles baseball with Check it out, let me know what you think.

Also, I wanted to put up some good stuff from this afternoon that I didn’t get a chance to with Tejada’s return and the Tillman/Roberts updates.

Manager Dave Trembley spoke with the team prior to the first full squad workout on Tuesday. Here’s what he said about his message:

“It’s not about individuals,” Trembley said. “It’s about the team, and what can you do as an individual to contribute to the success of the team. That was [the speech] in a nutshell.”

When asked why he thought that message was necessary to get across so early in the season, Trembley said it’s time for the Orioles to “turn the corner.”

“And that’s what we expect to do,” he said. “We expect to turn the corner.”

So for those of you who emailed me or asked me on Twitter about the rebuilding process, both Trembley and MacPhail have made it clear 2010 will all be about Phase 2. Definitely good news if you’re an Orioles fan.


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Miggy "feels like a new man'

Miguel Tejada, famous for always being the last one, walked into the Orioles clubhouse on Tuesday morning before second baseman Brian Roberts.

“He was here, believe it or not” Roberts joked.

The glove is bigger — officially a third baseman’s mitt — and his number is a foreign No. 9, but Tejada was all smiles about the changes when he officially rejoined the Orioles in Sarasota on Monday morning.

“I don’t feel like I’m on a new team,” he said. “It’s only been two years since I left here and most of those guys are still here.”

Wearing the Orioles warmup jacket over his uniform, Tejada cracked jokes during stretch and took ground balls at third base with Ty Wiggington. Tejada has said in the past the most difficult part of the transition from short to third will be fielding the bunt. That’s something he plans on concentrating on when he gets in what will be daily extra work with infield coach, Juan Samuel.

“I think that’s the hardest play for any third baseman in baseball, going forward for the ball with your bare hand,” he said. “But I’m going to have a month and a half here at Spring Training to make mistakes before we get to the season.”

Tejada said his past off the field issues are behind him and his mind is clear of any distractions.

“I’m a new man and I’m happy and I thank God for the opportunity to play baseball,” he said.

Tejada's baaaack

At least he’s expected to be. With the Orioles holding team physicals and meetings, the press is not allowed in the locker room until the afternoon, but I will be blogging and Twittering from practice, which is scheduled to start around noon.

Today is the first full squad workout for the Orioles, and it be will interesting to see the return of Miguel Tejada  and the former shortstop taking reps at third base.

Manager Dave Trembley didn’t seem concerned that Tejada –who will be tasked with learning a new position — wasn’t among the growing group of position players who  participated in optional workouts.

“[Tuesday’s] the first day,” Trembley said on Monday.  “He’ll be here. He knows everybody. He knows
us. We know him.”

An All-Star shortstop, Tejada will work with Orioles infield coach Juan Samuel to get extra work at the hot corner in addition to the team’s workout.

Like I blogged yesterday current shortstop Cesar Izturis gave Tejada the thumbs up at the position, and said he wasn’t worried about Tejada making the shift.

“Everybody knows he can play,” Izturis said of Tejada. “It’s a new position, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. If I can help out, I will, but he knows how to play the game.”


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Tillman still sidelined, Position Players Eve


Orioles fans, there’s your new closer. Lefty Mike Gonzalez throws a session in the bullpen with Jim Johnson (below pic) right next to him.

Jim Johnson.jpg 

Chris Tillman did not throw his scheduled side today, and is still
dealing with the same back stiffness that sidelined him yesterday.

Although he said he probably could have gone through the whole workout, Tillman said it would have been “dumb” on his part, to push things so early in the spring.

“I’ve still got a lot of time to get in
shape and I came into camp with my arm in good shape.”

Dave Trembley also noted that Tillman threw a lot of bullpen sessions
before showing up to camp, and wasn’t worried about the right-hander
falling behind.

“I think he learned a lesson not to sleep on a
couch,” Trembley said, in reference to what Tillman believes caused his
back to act up.
With Tuesday marking the Orioles first
full squad workout, the clubhouse continued to fill up on Monday.
Joining the team in Sarasota this morning was a clean shaved Luke Scott,
who said the clippers got stuck a few times while trying to remove the
lumberjack beard he had going in the offseason.

Scott has made
it no secret that he would like to play the field this season and not be
limited to just DH duties. But the addition of Garrett Atkins at first
base, and the crowded outfield of Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Nolan
Reimold and Felix Pie will limit that.

“I mean personally,
everyone wants to have a really good idea of where they are going to fit
in; what they are going to do,” Scott said. “But sometimes things don’t
work out that way. But it’s also part of being a professional. Part of
being a professional is just doing the best with what they ask you to

*Reimold said his left Achilles tendon was sore after
testing it yesterday, but didn’t seem overly concerned. He was walking
around fine, but running on grass and testing it on the field
undoubtedly is more impact than the treadmill running he had been doing
in the offseason.

*Cesar Izturis also showed up in Sarasota and
the shortstop was confident his lockermate, the still absent Miguel
Tejada, could handle the transition to third base just fine.

knows he can play,” Izturis said of Tejada. “It’s a new position, but I
don’t think that’s going to be a problem. If I can help out, I will,
but he knows how to play the game.”

Izturis didn’t join the
optional position player workout because he wanted to get settled in
with his family to his temporary Spring Training living, and manager
Dave Trembley didn’t seem overly concerned that players like Izturis,
Tejada and Brian Roberts have yet to report. Roberts was also at Ed
Smith Stadium on Monday afternoon to get his physical, and hopefully the media will get an update on his health later today. He is supposed to
be shooting a commercial for MASN later in the afternoon.

also made it a point to single out the bullpen session of Brandon Erbe,
and was amazed at the right-hander’s location for his 35-pitch session.

didn’t throw two that were above the knees,” Trembley said. “Everything
was down. He’s
really cleaned up his delivery a lot. He had some mechanical things
with his delivery before.”

Erbe was the Orioles second-round pick
in the ’05 Draft.

“He deserves a lot of credit,”Trembley said.
“He’s worked hard. That was a solid, solid bullpen.”


Orioles manager also had high praise for Bergesen, as Trembley
continued to state his confidence that the right-hander will be up on
the mound very soon. Bergesen is schedule to throw another flat ground
session on Tuesday.

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