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Edwin Jackson's no hitter


A note on Edwin Jackson’s no hitter against his former team, the Rays, which I watched from the press box tonight….

Jackson threw 149 pitches and walked eight, but held on for the no-no. It couldn’t happen to a better guy. When I was an associate reporter with the Rays in ’08 I remember Jackson would always be in the parking lot signing autographs for fans every morning of Spring Training. He wouldn’t leave until he had signed them all. He did that same thing throughout the year, and was just always a pleasant guy to have around. He never got to high or too low and was just genuinely happy to be in the big leagues and to have fans.

As a quote, he’s not the greatest, which is hardly a reporter’s dream. But as a guy, he’s awesome. One of those pitchers who strolled in on afternoons he pitched and sat and chatted with you. He once told me he doesn’t like to get all weird and silent on days he starts, preferring to put on his headphone and get in the zone about an hour before first pitch.

I also remember his mother yelling at him to throw strikes from the stands. Hey, some lessons you never quite learn.

Anyways, just good to see him do well in Arizona. I know he’s still close with the Rays, especially B.J. Upton, who struck out in the ninth.