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Erbe Extras & Bergy's first mound session

I got a bunch of emails about my story on Brandon Erbe’s new delivery, so I thought I’d put up some pictures and notes that didn’t make it in. It’s raining and dreary here (on picture day), and the media won’t be allowed in the locker room for at least the next hour.

The Orioles will hit in the indoor cages and everyone who was expected to throw, such as Brad Bergesen, who was slated to throw for the first time off a mound, is still a go. I will have a story up on how that goes on the site later. 



Both of these pics are from Erbe’s bullpen session yesterday. Here’s what he had to say about his goals for the upcoming season…

“I wouldn’t say it’s a specific level. Obviously being in the Minor Leagues, you always want to get to the next step. For the Minor Leagues, for me, I want to get to Triple-A and than past there,obviously.

You want to make steps, I’m hoping to do that this year. But  I’m try to build off the consistency I was able to have last year. I was a lot more consistent with my outings and the starts and the results .”

Erbe has been pretty happy with his first few bullpens this spring, and talked at length about the importance of keeping his control.

“The control was my downfall, control and consistency,” he said. “They kind of go hand in hand. That’s why I’m taking a lot of effort right now to keep the ball down, I was up in the zone so much I gave up a lot of home runs [in the past.] and stuff like that. So, just keep the ball down and be more consistent from start to start. If I can do those things, I should be more successful. I’m just trying to keep those two things together.”