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Frank, Brooks and Eddie on the Os

With the Orioles having their 60th anniversary celebration tonight, there is expected to be about two dozen former players here for the post-game show. Among those here who were at this afternoon’s luncheon are Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson and Eddie Murray. The trio of baseball royalty held court as the final group to meet with the media. I’ll have a full story on the anniversary up on shortly, but here are the highlights of that final presser….

BROOKS on enjoying the state of the current Oriole club…
I love it. Glad to see it. A lot of young people out there enjoying the games. The number of orange shirts you see in all these other towns, it’s exciting. I’ll tell you what: it’s hard to win. And to win a World Championship, it is tough. You never know what is going to happen.

FRANK on Brooks saying he put the Os team over the top when they acquired him…
That’s just Brooks being Brooks, being nice. No one person wins championships. I was probably the missing ingredient for that team to put them over the top. When I came here I said, if i came here and did my part, they are a pretty good ball club now, we could have a chance to win. And that’s how I approached it.

EDDIE on similarities between those Orioles teams and the 2014 club…
I don’t think these guys are hitting the way the are capable of. Let’s put it this way, these guys are a lot better, the little I see of these guys in California, I think they are pitching quite well. It’s just a matter of doing it all together…but they seem to be winning the close games and that’s what it really takes. It’s nice to see those one-run victories on your side.

BROOKS on Manny Machado…
He’s terrific. He’s got a great arm…Ive only met him once, I presented him with a Gold Glove award last year along with J.J. [Hardy] I really like him. He’s a good kid and a terrific fielder.

FRANK on being associated mostly as an Oriole despite playing elsewhere…
The people here, we had a lot of fun the six years I was here. Even the years we didn’t play up to our capabilities or our standards. And the way we looked at each other, we felt about each other no one was better or bigger than anyone else. We were all equal. That was the way we went about it…And Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter deserve a lot of credit for bringing that feeling back. And bringing back all the older Orioles and mixing them, talking to the young players. That’s a good feeling. And that’s the good thing about it. And the players do listen to it.

Here with this organization now, you’re welcome. And the players are happy to see you and talk to you. The feeling is back here. It’s a great fan base here. the city is not real large. You cant get lost in this city, and the fans really see you outside the ballpark and they treat you like family…that’s what made the six years I was here, the best six years of my career.

BROOKS on if the Os could win the World Series…
It’s tough to win and I’ve seen the caliber of players on all the other teams, no reason we can’t win this division. After that, it’s a little pot luck that’s all. You got to play well, you are going to face better pitching. But the teams I see in the AL East now, the Orioles should win it. That’s the way I see it.

Orioles vs. Cardinals, 60th anniversary celebration

The Orioles had their 60th anniversary luncheon this afternoon and will honor a slew of former greats tonight with a laser/firework show and post-game ceremony. Those on hand include Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray. The team will wear throwback uniforms tonight that will be auctioned off later for charity.

The O’s still have not decided how they will clear a roster spot for Ubaldo Jimenez, who will be activated from the disabled list for Saturday’s start. It will be a pitcher, but manager Buck Showalter said whether it’s a starter or reliever will depend on tonight’s game.

Caleb Joseph, who has homered in his last four games, is not in the lineup as he left the clubhouse to deal with a family medical emergency. Showalter wasn’t sure if he would be back for game time.

Nick Markakis RF
Manny Machado 3B
Adam Jones CF
Nelson Cruz DH
Chris Davis 1B
J.J. Hardy SS
Ryan Flaherty 2B
David Lough LF
Nick Hundley C

Chris Tillman RHP

Matt Carpenter 3B
Kolten Wong 2B
Matt Holliday DH
Matt Adams 1B
Jhonny Peralta SS
Oscar Taveras RF
A.J. Pierzynski C
Jon Jay LF
Peter Bourjos CF

Justin Masterson RHP

Orioles vs. Mariners Game 1

Greetings from Camden Yards, where the Orioles will take on a Mariner team who they took three of four from last week. The O’s will add new reliever Andrew Miller yesterday, while Seattle is expected to have both new outfielders Austin Jackson (from Detroit) and Chris Denorfia (San Diego) start against lefty Wei-Yin Chen. The pair of right-handed hitters will help balance out Seattle’s slew of lefties that the O’s saw last week.

The Orioles will face all three lefty starters in Roenis Ellis tonight, followed by James Paxton and Hisashi Iwakuma.

In other news, Jim Johnson was released by Oakland on Friday which means he will become a free agent. I’m not sure if the O’s have interest yet, but it’s likely they would want him to be in the Minor Leagues first to get back on track. Given how well the bullpen is, and they have to make a move to add Miller today, I don’t see them straight up adding Johnson given his struggles. He obviously will look for a Major League job first.

Trade Deadline links & more notes

It was a busy day around baseball with one of the more memorable Trade Deadlines in recent history seeing a slew of big names and Major Leaguers moved. You can read the of the events here.

For the Orioles, it meant giving up left-handed pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez for Andrew Miller.

*You can read the full story story on the trade with reaction from the Orioles side here.

*Here is what Red Sox GM Ben Cherington had to say…

“He probably pitched his way off the team because he pitched so well. We are where we are, we have him for two more months. Especially that type of pitcher is even more valuable for a winning team than a team that’s not winning as much. You have to listen to what you can turn that into.

We had more calls on Andrew Miller than any other player on our team. Evert contender in baseball pretty much called us on Andrew Miller because he fits for everyone. He’s a really good lef-thanded reliever, he’s not making a lot of money. There were a lot of teams involved. We felt like the single best player we could get was Rodriguez in terms of potential upside and impact. There’s a lot of good prospects we could have gotten for Miller. We liked Rodriguez the best. As with other guys, I don’t think this rules anything out going forward. He’s a Baltimore Oriole now and he’s going to help them get in the playoffs.”

*Miller, who was out from July on with a broken foot last year, had this to say to reporters in Boston: “It’s exciting. I get a chance to pitch for a team that could go to to the playoffs and after last season, that is what I want. I didn’t want to leave here but if I have to go, I’m glad its to a team like that and a team in contention. I’m looking forward to it. I had no idea I was going to be traded or what would happen. I think I found out five minutes before everybody else. It’s flattering to know other teams want you.”

*Orioles EVP Dan Duquette said the talks with Miller started to really develop over the few days leading up to the deadline and he talked about things in more detail in his presser, which I transcribed for you here.

*It’s far too early to evaluate who won and lost in this move. But, overall, I think it’s a trade the Orioles had to make. Given what transpired around the American League today, Duquette acknowledged that he was trying to make the O’s more competitive and continue what they’ve started. The Orioles feel as if they have ample pitching depth, with guys like Tim Berry and Tyler Wilson emerging in the system. Rodriguez is having a down year and is still very talented, just a slightly bigger risk than he was at this time a year ago. That they were willing, even grudgingly, to deal him away reflects that.

The Os weren’t willing to trade away their future and acquire a frontline starter, and adding a piece like Miller makes their bullpen pretty formidable. Now, they’ll wait and see if it was enough.

Duquette on the trade and potential moves coming

Orioles EVP Dan Duquette just held court today regarding this afternoon’s trade for Andrew Miller and reiterated that this was the best move he felt given what he was willing to trade. The O’s did not want to deal lefty top prospect Eduardo Rodriguez, but it was required to make the deal and they didn’t have enough –that they were willing to part with–to acquire a frontline starter. I’ll have a full story up shortly on, but here is what Duqette said…

[on the trade] “We were looking to add some depth to our pitching and the acquisition of Miller gives us a left-handed pitcher that can dominate left-handed hitters. This year, he’s been highly effective against righties, as well. And looking at the market, we had good depth to our starting pitching and we thought if we’re going to make a real impact acquisition, that this would be the players we would get. W

We worked hard to negotiate a deal with Boston. We hated to give up a young left-handed pitcher. We tried a lot of other combinations short of Eduardo Rodriguez, but in this case it was required to make the deal. And I think with the two really talented left-handed relievers at the end of the game, along with Darren O’Day, it gives us a very, very formidable backend of the bullpen. And Miller’s emergence this year being able to get out right-handers along with lefties made him very attractive. Not just to us. We ended up getting him, but there were a lot of other clubs that were in the market for left-handed relievers. But his capabilities and his performance this year really distinguished himself from any other players in that position in the market.”

[on how long this was in the works] “It’s been in the works for the last couple of weeks. It did start to pick up some steam in the last three or four days. We were involved in several other discussions to help the team in other areas. And we’ve got a good idea what the value of our young prospects were and what the value they can bring in trade, but this was the most impactful trade I thought we could make, given what we had to trade and what we were wiling to trade. Given the way our team has been playing in terms of the starting pitching coming around, this fills a void and gives Buck a weapon late in the game to lock down the lead. And when you get into close games, a lot of times it’s decided by the bullpen late in the game. So, if our club can advance into the playoffs and postseason, a lot of those games are decided on the back-end, the seventh inning on.”

[on his reluctance to give up young pitchers]
“Like I said, this was required. This wasn’t something that we wanted to…Eduardo Rodriguez wasn’t a player…it wasn’t our first choice to trade him. The kid has talent and he has youth, but again, our team is in the race. We want to continue what we started, and we needed to add to our club to be competitive with the other clubs, not just in our division, but the other clubs in the American League in the playoff situation.”

[on the moves made around the league]
“There’s a lot of activity from the teams in the American League that want to win the pennant; they want to advance to the playoffs and so when you get to this time of year, you have to take a look at how your team matches up against your competitors and where you can strengthen your club. I’m not sure we had the wherewithal to land a top starter. We have some other really attractive players, but some of them are helping our current club, right? There’s a lot of interest in last night’s pitcher, Kevin Gausman, as well there should be. He’s a terrific young pitcher, so you’ve just got to weigh what you can do to strengthen your ballclub. Adding Miller really strengthens our club, particularly when we have a lead. It allows some of those other relievers to come into the game and pitch earlier. It shortens up the game a little bit when you have relievers that can get out both righties and lefties, and this kid has been dominant against both.”

[on the possibility of re-signing Miller?]
“Let’s see him pitch for the Orioles. He’s having a terrific year and our hope is that he’ll continue pitching this year for the Orioles the way he’s been pitching for Boston.”

[on what’s made Miller so good?]
“He’s put it together. He had terrific talent. He was drafted, I think, sixth in the country out of North Carolina so that gives you an idea of the caliber of his talent and that he was drafted so well. He really has found his niche in the bullpen and getting to pitch in Boston and getting to throw regularly. He’s just more consistent throwing strikes, throwing his pitches for strikes, but he’s really put it all together this year. He’s having a terrific year.”

[on how close they were to adding a bat]
“We had some other deals that almost came to fruition but not quite. We can look at some other ways to augment our production. The pitching and the defense is very strong. The club we put out there (Wednesday) night was a terrific defensive ballclub and you combine that with good pitching and the power we have in our lineup. We still have a good chance to win each game because of the power we have in the lineup. There are a couple areas in the ballclub where we could use some additional offensive production and there will be some opportunities I think to address that between now and the end of the season.”

[on if he thought Mille would go elsewhere at any point]
“No, I knew that Eduardo Rodriguez had significant value in this trade or other trades. Just on the basis he is a young quality left-handed pitcher.”

[on the possibility of some August deals] Hopefully. We’ve got some hitters at Triple-A that are swinging the bats pretty good. We picked up (Jimmy) Paredes, Dariel Alvarez is doing a good job at Triple-A and there will be some other opportunities for some bats through the waiver process. There won’t be much going on now because everybody needs waivers to get traded. So that won’t happen right away. But some time in the next couple of weeks there will be some opportunities for us to address those needs.

Orioles vs. Angels game 3

Lots going on today around baseball with the Trade Deadline and you can read more about the Orioles deal for lefty Red Sox reliever Andrew Miller here.

Chris Davis remains sidelined after being sick earlier this week, although he is feeling better and could be used tonight.

No real big surprise, but Ubaldo Jimenez will require another rehab start as the Os try to get him up closer to 100 pitches.

T.J. McFarland is back and has been activated from the bereavement list, with Preston Guilmet optioned to Triple-A to clear a roster spot. No word yet on how they make a spot for Miller, who is expected to be added to the roster on Friday.

Nick Markakis RF
Manny Machado 3B
Adam Jones CF
Nelson Cruz LF
Delmon Young DH
J.J. Hardy SS
Steve Pearce 1B
Caleb Joseph C
Jonathan Schoop 2B

Bud Norris RHP

Showalter on the trade

Orioles manager Buck Showalter weighed in on the Orioles trade today for Andrew Miller –in exchange for lefty Eduardo Rodriguez– and said that the new lefty will be in Baltimore tonight and uniform on Friday.

Asked what Miller does for his team, Showalter said: ” “He’s just another good piece. He goes with some other good pieces down there. He gives us more depth down there, keep passing the load around. I think he’s a little more than just a left-handed arm. You look at left-handed relievers, the ideal ones are the guys that you’ve got left-right-left and you can leave them in there for the right.”

Showalter acknowledged that what will be difficult is creating space for Miller. The Orioles bullpen already has three lefties in T.J. McFarland, Brian Matusz and closer Zach Britton. McFarland has an option and could be the odd man out, with righties Ryan Webb and Brad Brach also having Minor League options.

The move is clearly a win-now one, with Miller set to be a free agent after the season.

“We know that the Red Sox like him and other teams will like him,” Showalter said, “but we think he can impact our ability to make the playoffs and we are willing to take that risk.”

“He’s done it at a high level, in pressure situations and done it in the American League and the American League East. There’s a lot of factors that lean toward him being good. There’s always a period where guys make a transition to a new club, but I feel confident bringing guys into our locker room.”

Miller to Orioles for E. Rodriguez

The Orioles have acquired left-handed reliever Andrew Miller from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for one of their top pitching prospects in Eduardo Rodriguez. The deal is a bit of a departure for the O’s in dealing one of the young pitchers but isn’t completely a shock. Rodriguez has had a down year, along with an injury, and the organization had been down on the young lefty some in 2014.

Miller fills a need for the Orioles, giving them a left-handed reliever who can defend himself against lefties and righties. A free agent at the end of the season, Miller has a 2.34 ERA and has struck out 69 in 42 1/3 innings pitched this season. The 29-year-old has held righties to a .180./.279/.258 line and lefties to a .150/.203/.217 line.

Rodriguez, 21, is ranked as the O’s No. 3 prospect, and missed more than a month with a knee sprain suffered while lifting weights. He has pitched to a 4.79 ERA at Double-A Bowie although there were some internal questions about his worth ethic in coming back from the injury. Still he is a young, cheap left-handed pitcher with a lot of upside and has been one of the youngest players invited to big league camp the past two seasons.

The trade was first reported by ESPN.

Os, Red Sox Lester talks fizzle

BALTIMORE — Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette had a decidedly different stance in trade discussions when speaking with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

While rumors swirled about the club’s heavy involvement in trying to acquire Red Sox ace Jon Lester, Duquette, who said on Tuesday that he was focused on pitching depth, didn’t disagree that it was on his radar.

“We’d be interested in adding pitchers that could help us at the top of our rotation,” he said. “Who wouldn’t be?”

However, as of Wednesday evening, talks on that front seemed a long ways off with the New York Daily news reporting talks between the two sides had tailed off and become much more of a long shot.

Duquette, who maintained that he wants to hang on to his top pitching prospects, also confirmed that Hunter Harvey has a right flexor mass injury — as first reported by — and will miss the rest of the season. Asked how much the news changed trade talks, Duquette wouldn’t elaborate nor would he comment on any specific negotiations.

Still, losing Harvey for the remainder of the season certainly weakens the Orioles’ farm system, particularly for a big deal, considerably. Even if the team had taken Harvey off the table in trade talks, it’s still a stark reminder of how thin the Orioles Minor League system can get.

“We have a couple of active discussions,” he said. “We have some discussions that are no longer active from yesterday, so we’ve been able to see where we can make a trade and help our ballclub. Some of the long-term prospects for our pitching, we think are very valuable for the long-term sustainability of the organization and I think that’s a real important component to have a good team year-in and year-out. I think with our young pitchers, we would be conservative and we would try and give them a prolonged trial in the big leagues before we would trade them.”

Hunter joins Dylan Bundy, who is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, leaving 23-year-old Kevin Gausman as the only healthy member of the club’s top three pitching prospects. Gausman is currently part of the Orioles’ rotation and it’s highly unlikely he would be dealt.

Os interested in Cotts

The Rangers are open to dealing left-handed reliever Neal Cotts and Baltimore is one of the teams interested. The Orioles are trying to add a reliever, preferably one who can get both lefties and righties out to upgrade their team in advance of Thursday’s Trade Deadline. Cotts has gone 2-5 with a 3.52 ERA in 50 games, pitching in 46 innings and allowing 18 earned runs on 46 hits and 18 walks, with 50 strikeouts.

Cotts, 34, has pretty even splits and has held right-handed hitters to a .252/.325/.342 line with lefties hitting .277/.347/.431. The Orioles would prefer to add a reliever who is versatile enough so that they don’t have to play match ups and they are trying to upgrade their sixth and seventh-inning spots to help bridge to Darren O’Day and closer Zach Britton.

Right now, the Rangers –who are just trying to stockpile talent– feel as if they are being lowballed so there’s nothing imminent there. Stay tuned.


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