Orioles set Opening Day roster


Brach, Brad
Britton, Zach
Bundy, Dylan

Gallardo, Yovani
Givens, Mychal
Jiménez, Ubaldo
McFarland, T.J.
O’Day, Darren
Tillman, Chris
Wilson, Tyler
Worley, Vance
Wright, Mike

Joseph, Caleb
Wieters, Matt
Álvarez, Pedro
Davis, Chris
Flaherty, Ryan
Hardy, J.J.
Machado, Manny
Schoop, Jonathan

Jones, Adam
Kim, Hyun Soo
Reimold, Nolan
Rickard, Joey
Trumbo, Mark


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Our black and orange best…..a bit surprised to see Kim in there instead of Urrutia who has more MLB experience and can run and hit for power better. Otherwise great lineup, lets go Orioles!!!!

Orioliolé! Go, those O’s!

Britt, looks like a team that could hit 250 homers but probably win about 75 games. Starting pitching is always the key to success.



Looking forward to the O’s surprising all the doubters go O’s

Kudos to Ubaldo. He stepped up and did a remarkable job. The 5 two out runs were great. Let’stand get these guys the next two days. Ted ( St. Rose of Lima ) Salkoski

Bundy will win the Cy Young after he refines his craft. Way to go O’s . Let’s grab that Tiger by the tail tomorrow. Ted ( St. Rose of Lima ) Salkoski

Hey Duquette, you got a hockey name. Why don’the you see what hockey team you can screw up. Your acquisition of Gallardo and Miley has cost us at least 10 losses this year. Ted (St. Rose of Lima) Salkoski

I’ am sick over these golden opportunities our ” Stars ” are failing. Just like last night with 1st & 3rd with 1 out, 2 K’s & now tonight in the 7th bases loaded, 1 out, 1 run in, Manny & Davis strike out. They need to apologize to the team and the fans. It’seems pitiful. Ted ( St. Rose of Lima) Salkoski

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