Wednesday notes

*Despite the rain, half of the Orioles pitchers still get their work in throwing to hitters in covered cages. A group headed over to the team’s Minor League facility in Twin Lakes to get their stuff done. The other half will throw on Thursday.

*Of the current group, the medical list is nearly non-existent. (Only Jeff Beliveau.) The big storyline, however, is regarding the medicals of pitcher Yovani Gallardo. Orioles manager Buck Showalter isn’t commenting on the status of Gallardo’s deal, or when things will reach a resolution. The medical issues are sensitive in the Orioles organization given what’s happened in the past. There’s also no talk about Dexter Fowler, who reached an agreement with the team last night, though the outfielder was traveling to Sarasota on Wednesday to start his physical process.

*Center fielder Adam Jones held court for a while today and most notably discussed the meeting he had with principle owner Peter Angelos this winter regarding keeping the core of the team together.

“You see the result of that,” Jones said.

Still, could Jones have envisioned such a record-breaking spending winter for the club?

“All you can do is ask, man. As a player, you want what you want. Trust me, there are tons of guys I want on my team. I love every guy on my team now. … Everybody always want more and more. It’s human nature. You want more. But my message to the front office was to keep the core intact,” Jones said. “We have a good core….I think fans need to understand, you just can’t go out and sign anybody you want. First and foremost, they have to play for Buck Showalter. That ain’t an easy guy to play for, so you don’t know who you’re getting. If you get a different type of player, Showalter might ship him on out. It’s a process.

“First of all, I’m glad we got O’Day and Davis back. Those were the two most important guys. I don’t know about the uncertainty about Gallardo, but I know we’ve got Fowler, so I think we’re just constantly improving and not just improving on the field, but mentally. Fowler and Gallardo, if that locks up , Fowler has seven years, Gallardo has eight years service time.  That adds a lot of experience. Both of them have been in the postseason, been in big games, big moments, so we want to have them do it with us.”

Jones also denied that not having a consistent right or left fielder last year forced him to cover more ground and play a little more banged up.

“I’ve hit many, many walls with  [Nick] Markakis looking at me, helping me up,” he said. “It’s just part of the game, man. The personnel doesn’t really matter. Some years I run into it more, some years I run into it less. Last year, the wall and I were very good friends. The wall, the ground, we were very good friends.”

I’ll have a full story with all of Jones’ quotes up shortly on

*Every pitcher is expected to throw during one of the team’s two intrasquad games this weekend. Showalter said if they do slow-play certain guys, like Darren O’Day or Zach Britton, that won’t start until the actual spring games next week.

*While Fowler’s arrival will pretty much lock up the outfield, there’s still some intrigue over the bench sports. One potential is Rule 5 Draft pick Joey Rickard, who I caught up with today.


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Finally, first time in two years the orioles have a major league outfielder alongside Adam Jones. Hopefully Kim will be the third. anything to keep reimold and parades off the field.


iTS good to be cautious, a while back when the Orioles got Chen in the far east, who turned out good, they also signed Wada for about 8million and he never pitched an inning for the Orioles for shoulder problems. This has happened to every team more than once and owners and GM rightfully get angry about it. About 2004 or 2005 the Yankees outbid the Orioles and a bunch of other teams for Carl Pavano, of Marlins fame, they shoveled millions on five year contract his way and he never pitched an inning for them. You cant be too carefull with arms that are expected to throw over 95mph for 5 or 6 straight innings every 5 days…

Maybe the Orioles should hire swimmers, they have very strong arms and backs and legs and shoulders that have not been burned out….

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I wonder if the O’s have considered moving Reimold to right field? He’s fast and a good glove. If he can play a full season he’d probably be as good a bat as anyone else they could pick up.
With all righties as starters, they’ll need a good glove in right field, that’s for sure.

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