Gallardo update

SARASOTA— The Orioles continued to go over the medicals of free agent starter Yovani Gallardo on Tuesday, though reportedly some concerned have surfaced.

There were some “questions” on the Gallardo physical according to a report from YahooSports on Tuesday afternoon, though it was unclear how that would change the status of the pending three-year agreement between the Orioles and the right-hander.

The Orioles, who agreed to terms on Saturday, started Gallardo’s physical upon his arrival on Monday and its not unusual for the the medicals to take multiple days. One of the things the team liked about the veteran Gallardo was that he didn’t have a litany of injuries over his career.

As of Tuesday afternoon there wasn’t enough information to suggest that the agreement was in jeopardy, with a team source saying only that the physical was still “in process.” Baltimore is notoriously tough with their physical process, having nixed deals with Grant Balfour and Nick Markakis over health concerns in recent years.

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The health concerns the Orioles had regarding Markakis turned out to be bogus. In 2015, he played in 156 games, had 612 at bats and batted .296. Compared to the garbage the Orioles tried to pass off as corner outfielders he is a hall of famer. He batted leadoff for the Braves, seem to remember the Orioles had trouble finding a leadoff hitter.


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