Gallardo clubhouse reaction

Obviously the buzz in this morning’s clubhouse was about the Orioles agreeing to terms on a three-year contract –plus an option for 2019– with free agent starter Yovani Gallardo. No sign of him just yet, with a physical likely Monday and possibly a presser mid-week.

I’ll have a full story up later on, but here is some of the chatter…

SS J.J. Hardy, who played three seasons with Gallardo in Milwaukee…

[on having Gallardo as a teammate]
“He’s an awesome guy. Good pitcher. Obviously, you guys can see his numbers. He’s only had one losing season in, what is it, nine years? Great guy, great teammate. He’ll fit right in.”

[on the front office’s late additions]
“It’s letting all of us know that the front office is all in too. Everybody is all-in, so it’s good. It’s good to be player here. That’s why I wanted to stay back, because I felt they were going to do everything they possibly could to make this team as good as possible and that’s what they’re doing.”

[on adding an established arm]
“It’s great. I think he’ll fit right in with everybody and it’s nice to just have another arm. We have a lot of good arms and everybody is capable of being really good and he’ll be a great addition.”

[On Gallardo’s offensive abilities]
“Yeah, He can hit. I remember, I think it was against San Francisco, he threw a shutout and hit a solo homer to win the game.”

RHP Ubaldo Jimenez, who played again Gallardo in the National League

[on the move]
“We will receive him with happiness. I’ve known him since, I played against him in Triple-A and in the Majors. So I know him a little bit. He’s a great guy, a great competitor. He’s going to go out there and try to do everything to win his game. Especially if we play against the National League, they bette be careful because he can make his own runs.”

[on what this says about the organization]
“They want to win, they aren’t waiting around to have a great team to give us an opportunity to be better and go after winning the championship.”

[on helping Gallardo fit in]
“Yeah, sure, I’ll do everything possible to make him feel comfortable. I know him a little bit. Once you get into the clubhouse and know someone it makes it easier because you aren’t going to be so tight in the clubhouse.”

RHP Chris Tillman

[on the move]
“I don’t know a lot but i know he does the job and does the job well. We’ve got a couple guys who have been around him and I’ve heard nothing but great things. It’s exciting it really is. I found out from other players who texted me. I think they’re excited, we are all excited.”

[on having another veteran]
“I dont see why it wouldn’t help. Anytime you have those guys around its a guy thing. I think we saw that with [Jason] Hammel and Ubaldo and prior to that, [Kevin] Millwood.”

RHP Kevin Gausman

[on adding a veteran arm]
“I think his last seven seasons, I think he’s thrown at least 190 innings, or something like that. To have a guy who’s been there and done that season after season is only going to be make us better. I think it makes our rotation a lot better. It also gives us a bunch of different looks. He’s a really over-the-top guy, arm angle-wise, good breaking ball. I know he has a real good fastball. I know it will play well in Camden Yards. I think someone told me his splits, American League and National League are really good. Anytime a guy can pitch well in the American League, he’s done it before, so we’re looking forward to him doing it again.”

[on if he’s surprised by the club’s aggressiveness]
“Yeah, it’s been awesome. I think we’re talking about going and getting another guy right now, too. It shows the last couple of years they’ve been liking having the fan base back. It’s weird because for now this is kind of all I’ve known, is us being really good, so I’ve been spoiled, I guess.”

[on having a rotation with five right-handers]
“I wouldn’t say it’s unusual. I would say you see it much more nowadays. Obviously, it’s more rare to see all lefties. I think the Dodgers have all left-handed starters, I believe, but yeah, obviously it’s a different look, but we have a lot of left-handed weapons coming out of the pen. If you think about Matusz and Britton and T.J., those guys are all very good left-handed sinkerballers. It’s kind of a different look, obviously. I think picking him up makes the team a lot better.”

C Matt Wieters  

[On Gallardo]
“He’s proven year in and year out he’s going to be able to compete and give you a chance to win games. From watching from the other side, watching him on the mound, I love the guy’s mentality on the mound and how he goes after it. He’s as consistent a starter as there’s been. Not only does it help our staff because he’s a great pitcher, it also makes the staff that much deeper and everybody feed off each other.”

[On if this feels like 2014 with the late signings]
“I think it says a lot about the commitment to winning. We were able to get a lot of guys back from last year’s team who we didn’t know would be back and to be able to add on top of that definitely lets you know that ownership is ready to win now, which is a great feeling being in the clubhouse. As far as 2014 and this year, every year kind of feels a little bit different. I feel like those signings were more out of the blue and we weren’t really hearing about it a lot, as opposed to Yovani and the outfielder we’ve been hearing about for the last two or three weeks, it seems like. Every year kind of feels a little bit different, so I don’t really see the comparisons. You really can’t compare years until the year’s over anyway.”

[on predictions that the Os will finish last]
“I’ve learned to kind of stay away from reading a lot of stuff early in the offseason because unless you decide to take the qualifying offer, a lot of things take place a lot later in the offseason. What gets written, we can only function once a guy gets in this clubhouse. As soon as somebody gets in this clubhouse, we’re going to welcome him and see how we can help him and he can help us win games.”

[on concerns about an-all right-handed rotation]
“For me as a catcher, if you can get guys out, I don’t care whether you throw right handed or left handed or you kick it up there with your foot. If you can get guys out, we’ll put you on the mound.”



Gallardo had his best major league ERA last year pitching 184 innings. With only 121 SO and 68 walks. The league is going to get on base against him, hitting the ball in play. So even if he has his best year ever he’s a 5th starter. I think the O’s could have done much better.

Great move Orioles now I know we will be contenders right up to the end…we got everything now, speed, pitching-starting and BP-power,hitting, defense, brains in managing and front office, a passionate commited owner, the greatest fans, great PR and TV commentators (specially Palmer) good scouts, great stadium and city. If I am missing something its great too–Britt you are great too…..

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If you are calling Gallardo a 5th starter, what do you call the other 4 starters. Sure Orioles could have done better, but Price, Greinke and anyone else of that ilk was not going to be an Oriole. Duquette looks for bargains. Gallardo was easy because no other substancial offers. Same wit Davis, as Orioles bid against themselves.

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