A few more notes

*Yovani Gallardo is expected to arrive in camp on Monday to begin taking his physical.  When the agreement is announced, potentially midweek, the Orioles will have to make a corresponding 40-man roster move. Manager Buck Showalter said it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pitcher that comes off the roster.

“I don’t think it means it’s going to be a pitcher. Who knows?,” Showalter said. “We could be having the same thing again.”

Of course that’s a hint about the Orioles pursuit of outfielder Dexter Fowler.

*Non-roster pitcher Todd Redmond is still not in camp, due to a personal matter, and Showalter said that he expected the club to touch base with him at some point today to find out the plan.

*There will be a much shorter day on Monday, though the scheduled half of the pitching staff will throw their bullpen. A good portion of the Orioles will be participating in the team’s charity golf outing in the afternoon.

*Showalter said he doesn’t think a rotation of just right-handed pitchers is a problem.

“All right-handed starters in the big leagues better be able to defend themselves against left-handed hitters. Sometimes that separates them from being a starter or a reliever. And all left-handed have to be able to defend themselves against right-handers,” he said. “Because the lineups up here, you’ll see a lineup down in Triple-A that [lefty] Chris Lee will face and it’ll have six left-handed hitters. That’s not going to happen in the big leagues. You got to ask yourself whats he going to do to get them out? That part of it doesn’t really other me. I’ve never really understood i have to have this many left-handed hitters in it. Because it does what? What does it do for you? If its your ballpark that’s one thing…our park is pretty [even].

The right-left stuff, I really mean that, not because we potentially don’t have one. I just want good starters. If they are right-handed so be it.”

The thought is that having a lefty long man, like TJ McFarland, would help balance out that rotation as well, though Showalter wouldn’t commit to that idea fully so early in camp.


Hey Britt ! Great to see after my comment the other day that Gallardo is going to
be Signed, Sealed and Delivered to Spring Training ASAP !! Kinda Ironic – HUH !
He sure didn’t have to, ” Stew in his own Juices ” very long to come to his Senses
and get that Contract Signed,Sealed and Delivered to the Orioles ! He really is
going to be a Great Asset for the Orioles and for some Reason ( Beyond My Knowing ) I get this Gut Feeling that Ubaldo is going to Step Up his Game with
this Acquisition – Some IN-HOUSE Competition Maybe ?? Great Work Buck and
DD !! The Deal on the Table for Dexter is a Good One and I think that he will Jump at the Opportunity to Play for the Orioles this year ! He also brings some Club
House Chatter and High Jinks ( Help JJ Hardy Out There – LOL ! ) that will Help
Keep the Players Lossee Goossee … Buck and DD have Played their Cards
Very Well, in the Players that they, Are and Have, brought On Board !! Let’s
Britt; you do an Outstanding Job in covering the Orioles and You are an

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