Duquette holds court on free agents

I’ll have a full story coming shortly on Orioles.com, but in the meantime here are the quick hits of what Dan Duquette said with the media just now…

On adding any new free agents…

“We’re still trying to add to our team and we have some more work to do. We’re still working on a couple of things that could help the ballclub.”

“It’s really hard to handicap whether you’re going to get a deal completed or not. So I try not to.  Just keep working and trying to find the right fit for the team.”

While the O’s were thought at one point to be closing in on adding Yovani Gallardo to the rotation, there hasn’t been much momentum on that front over the past few days. Duquette declined to address if the organization was every close to a deal with Gallardo, simply reiterating that there’s “a lot more work to do” to get the current team ready for the season.

Right now, the O’s hold the 14th overall pick in this year’s Draft and signing Gallardo —who turned down the qualifying offer with the Rangers— would require them to forfeit that to Texas. That’s always a factor in negotiations and Duquette said it’s no different this spring.

“That’s part of the consideration in the situations with the free agents that require compensation. If the club is going to participate in that market, they have to take into account the value of the pick, the current value and the potential future value of the pick,” he said. “That’s part of our consideration in each of these instances for compensation free agents. It’s a system that’s been in place for a couple of years, but there seems to be certain players in the market where it affects their contract.”

Duquette also said that the club has not yet seen Tim Lincecum throw. Baltimore is rumored to have strong interest in the bounce back candidate, though Duquette would only said he’s looking to add to the rotation.


Hey Britt ! I bet it feels GREAT to be Back Into the Spring Training Mode again …
I Know that it does for Me ! DD should just let Yovani STEW IN HIS OWN JUICES
for awhile and Turn his Attention to Timmie L. !! I just have this Gut Feeling that
Timmie is going to have a ” GREAT BOUNCE BACK YEAR IN 2016 ! ” Being from
the NW and keeping a close eye on Timmie and His Dad’s Work with him over this Off Season; that with the Changes in his Mechanics etc .. That Timmie is going to
make Some Baseball Team – LOOK LIKE A GENIUS IN PICKING HIM UP !!

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