Some camp chatter…

A pretty quiet day, as guys reported and some took part in informal workouts.

*There’s always lots of new looks (check out Chris Tillman’s full beard on Facebook) as players start to roll in. Tillman has slimmed down a little from last spring and apparently is now sporting a six-pack. Miguel Gonzalez, who joked he’s growing out his hair to replicate the 2012 version of Gonzalez, has added about six pounds of “good weight” as he tries to bounce back from injury this season.

*On the team’s overall offseason, manager Buck Showalter mentioned the importance of retaining free agents Chris Davis, Darren O’Day and Matt Wieters. He also reiterated that the Orioles offseason might not be over. “There’s a chance we could be in this [press] room again doing something else,” Showalter said. “If we don’t, that’s OK to. It’s not a topic of conversation out there. it really isn’t. players, coaches, it’s hardly brought up. Mostly because I don’t know.”

*There were no issues with guys reporting as of Thursday afternoon and the O’s will hold their first practice after pitchers and catchers physicals on Friday morning.

“It’s as thorough a physical as I’ve ever been around,” Showalter said. “You come through that, you should feel pretty good about where you are.”

*Showalter met yesterday with the team’s trainers and said it was the shortest medical discussion before a Spring Training in recent memory. Dylan Bundy was among those out for an informal workout on Thursday, as the O’s righty —and bullpen hopeful— played some catch. Bundy will be a full-go in camp and Showalter said Jeff Beliveau (coming off labrum surgery) is the only guy who could be on a restricted schedule.

*Asked his initial impression of South Korean outfielder Hyun soo Kim, Showalter said:

“There’s some things we can learn from him. Initially we are going to adjust to him instead of him adjusting to much. Just being around him from a personality standpoint, I don’t want him to try too hard to fit in. I want him to hit, I want him to play. I want him to contribute.”

*Early position players on Thursday included: Jonathan Schoop, J.J. Hardy, Ryan Flaherty, Steve Tolleson, Christian Walker, Dariel Alvarez, Henry Urrutia, LJ Hoes and Xavier Avery.  Showalter doesn’t plan on having a talk with the players on Friday and will address the whole team before their first workout on Tuesday.


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Hey Britt, thanks for the update… are the Gallardo conversations? Any hope we can land a left hander SP or should we give Matzus another go at it?. This Fowler is a 250 hitter in the NL with more SO than Hits in 2016. With Trombo, Jones, locked in RF and CF, we have Kim, Urrutia, Reimold and Paredes to platoon between DH and LF. Do we really need Fowler?? He has speed, I will give you that, and might be a nice replacement for Parra, but  his  strikeouts  worry me-at least Parra put the ball in play; lets hope he is not another Cub fiasco like Felix Pie. After all, we did give Chicago a Cy Young 22 game winner and a steady reliever (Arrieta and Stropp), so they should be very, very thankful with Baltimore. .  Good to hear Bundy lesion free and ready to contribute….he will do nice but slowly in the bullpen first, one hitter, one inning at a time…. Cant wait till the season starts, as always the Janurary-March months are maddening here in Caracas, no Orioles, No Redskins, No Tiburones (my winter baseball team–who last won in 1986) and here there is no NHL and no NBA. April cant come soon enough……I am already planning a long trip to the DC-Camden Yards area in May….Will catch some O’s games for sure…… Until Next time…..but what about Gallardo??? 

El Jueves, 18 de febrero, 2016 14:23:55, Britts Bird Watch escribió:

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will you people stop with parades, reimold or whoever else. Fowler is an upgrade over these triple a players. Thats the problem in baltimore, thinking small. Reimold has been around forever and for the most part has shown nothing. Parades just a decent utility guy. Kim? Tillman should learn how to pitch consistently instead of growing some ridiculous beard. As for losing weight, so what. The Orioles need to sign Gallardo only that he “eats innnings” and is a proven major league pitcher. He is still above and beyond any starter in the rotation at the moment. Gonzalez passes out after the 5th inning, Jimenez has the worst mechanics i have seen, and he walks everyone. Gausman must pitch every 5th day to see if he can handle the job. Vance Worley a journey man at best. Dylon Bundy always injured. Tyler Wilson and Mike Wright are projects. No knows how if Hunter Harvey can pitch in the big leagues yet. The Orioles history of drafting starting pitchers is abysmal. To put Matusz in the rotation would only add to the mediocrity. Leaving Chen, their best pitcher leave was ridiculous. But that is dan duquette’s motus apporandi. Anyone who would allow two major league outfielders to leave and fiil the spots with garbage is incompetent at best. By the way, Markakis who had a back neck played 150 games for the Braves. Cruz power did not diminish. I may be wrong, but as long as Duquette is GM, the Orioles will not be a consistent. Why the Blue Jays wanted him staggers my mind. Hope i am wrong on all counts.

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