Cespedes update


UPDATE: The Mets are saying now they’d consider a one-year offer for Yoenis Cespedes if he comes down from his 4-6 years. So, for now, the Orioles are the only team with an offer on the table. 


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I’m hearing Atlanta is interested in him. Your thoughts?

Great news that Chris finally gave in and signed. My only fear is will he be the same Chris Davis or will this whole ordeal have changed his attitude? Let’s watch and see. What’s next for the O’s? I would love to see another power guy in RF, but how about we pull a move out of the World Champs playbook, and sign Tim Lincecum or Mat Latos, and see what they can do? Both had down years, but have proven track records as winners. Lincecum wants to stay with SF, but perhaps we could get him to enjoy wearing the orange and black of an American League East team with one of baseballs top managers?

is Cespedes offer still on table now that Davis is signed?

the orioles need more than to sign the above guys and “SEE” what they can do. remember Jiminez? Why not Gallardo and Fister? O’s rotation at this point number 5 in division. Alvarez still available, power guy, rite for camden yards.

Cespedes offer seemed to be just a ploy to get davis signed.

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