Machado open to extension

BALTIMORE— Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, who is arbitration eligible this winter, said he’d be open to discussing a contract extension with the organization this offseason.

“Yeah, why not? This is the organization I play for, this is the organization I love,” Machado said. “This is the only organization I know. I’d definitely be interested in talking. We’ll see what when that day comes.”

Machado was the only player in the Major Leagues to play all 162 games and hit 35 homers with 20 stolen bases. Named to the All-Star team, Machado also showcased some Gold Glove defense and said he wouldn’t be swayed by what the organization does —or doesn’t do— regarding its six free agents this winter.

Machado knows its a big winter for the Orioles and —like Adam Jones last week— voiced the need for the organization to make some moves.

“Definitely, I’m not saying I’m a nobody here, but I’m just here to play baseball. Adam, obviously is here. He’s a franchise player. He has definitely more of a voice than anybody in this clubhouse. He wants him. We all want him to come back. At the same time, we know it’s a business. If someone offers him more money somewhere else, people are going to offer other people more money somewhere else, but at the end of the day, we need Davis here. We need O’Day here. We need all the other free agents, Chen, all the guys that helped us get to a winning organization. Definitely, you don’t want to see them leave, but it’s tough to stay.”


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Manny Machado is a true Oriole and example loyal MLB ball player. The game would be perfect if everyone was like him. A competitive winner all around and true to the fans that nurtured him. Go Manny

The orioles need to keep Chris Davis Matt wieters Manny machado wei in Chen Darren o day gerrado parra and get some new starting pitching to help us out like they did in 2014. Mr. Angelo’s needs to let Dan duquette sign all of these players. He needs to open up his check book. He can’t afford not to. The orioles need to start a dynasty in Baltimore once again. We have the talent here now to do that.

Signing Davis is paramount! O’s would have too spend over $120/5-6yr too replace him! Acquiring 2 aces is paramount! Saying goodbye too: Chen, Gonzo, O’day, and Weiters is right thing too do! Don’t waste the money. Reality check: #3 and #4 starters can’t get job done! Try hard too retain O’Day and Para. Mostly; Para! O’Day can be replaced! I’d trade Tillman for closer!

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