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KANSAS CITY — Adam Jones exited Thursday’s Orioles game in the top of the third inning after running into the center-field wall at Kauffman Stadium and suffering some concussion-like symptoms.

“His vision was a little [blurred]… Most of it was whiplash. I don’t think there’s any head trauma concussion-wise. Dr. [Keith] Meister will take a look at him in Texas tomorrow and we’ll see where we are with it,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. “Any time Adam says anything is bothering him, you better multiply it times two because he’s a tough nut.”

Jones had X-rays done on both wrists, that came back negative as well as some neck stiffness. He said following the Orioles 5-3 loss to Kansas City that he’s hoping to be back in the lineup Friday against the Rangers.

“That’s one of  [the hardest hits I’ve taken],” said Jones, who was trying to make a play for Ben Zobrist’s first-inning double. “I don’t come out of the game much, especially once the game starts. I just wasn’t me. And hopefully I feel a lot better tomorrow.”

Jones’ injury was a scary one as he violently crashed into the wall and laid down for several minutes after as head athletic trainer Richie Bancells and manager Buck Showalter rushed out. Left fielder Steve Pearce was also right there and said it was a scary moment.

“It didn’t sound comfortable. Let’s put it that way,” Pearce said. “He hit that thing pretty good, especially since it was a long run and he gave that last effort full extension to try to get that ball. Then after it went past, he couldn’t slow down. It went [punches fist into hand]. It was a thud.”

Bancells put Jones through some on-field tests, but he remained in the game to finish the inning.

“Most of it he took putting his wrists up there on this structure that they let them put up there so they can sell more signage. You go figure. It’s plexiglass right behind it. It’s like running into plexiglass,” Showalter said of the Royals’ outfield wall. “Of course, you’ve got metal in Houston. You’ve heard me go on and on about it and this is a great example of it. I know why they do it, so they can sell more signage to pay more contracts. I got it. But the safety issue there, I’m not happy about it.”

Jones, the Orioles’ team leader, entered Thursday batting .280 with 24 homers and 66 RBIs. He missed time earlier this season with a left ankle sprain and a sore right shoulder.</p>


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So scary when a player gets hurt this way. Prayers that he recovers quickly.

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