Some Trade Deadline talk

BALTIMORE— The Blue Jays made headlines early Tuesday morning, trading with the Rockies for All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and veteran reliever LaTroy Hawkins, but manager Buck Showalter didn’t have much to say on the moves by the Orioles’ competition.

“They’re giving up some really good players for these guys,” Showalter said of the recent trades, including the Royals getting Ben Zobrist and the Blue Jays’ moves. “The people Toronto gave up to Colorado, that’s a good trade – for both teams. But Toronto’s got a lot of players that are attractive down below.”

Showalter said it doesn’t bother him when he sees other teams in the American League East active around Friday’s Trade Deadline.

‘We are kicking around a lot of things, sometimes the best moves you make are the ones you don’t make. I could tell you abut three or four we decided not to do in the last two years that if we made them we would have really regretted them,” he said. ‘Course I won’t tell you about the other ones that we wish we would have made.”

The O’s have been rumored in a bunch of things lately, with San Diego’s Justin Upton among the recent names to surface. Upton would be a rental and the O’s acquired a rental down the stretch last year, in lefty reliever Andrew Miller, who signed as a free agent with the Yankees this winter. Showalter acknowledged Tuesday it’s tough to find an impact player of that quality that fits your needs at the deadline and it’s unknown if the O’s, who were well above .500 at this point a year ago, would be willing to give up something to get a player for two months.

“We don’t have Eduardo [Rodriguez] to trade this year,” Showalter said of the promising young lefty the O’s sent to Boston in exchange. “Of course I’d do it again.”

“The problem is when people are asking for people that are part of what you are trying to do this year. That’s tough. And if they go away, then who?”

Showalter is likely referring to young players like Jonathan Schoop and Kevin Gausman, who have drawn a lot of interest from outside clubs though it’s highly unlikely they’d be inclined to move either. With a thin farm system — and injuries to top prospect Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey— they’re gaging interest in a number of their current players, including relievers Brian Matusz and Tommy Hunter.

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