Davis remaining in right field for now

DETROIT— There are no plans right now for Chris Davis to move back to first base as the slugger started in right field Saturday night for the 16th time in the team’s last 18 games.

Still, Orioles manager Buck Showalter wouldn’t commit to calling Davis the club’s everyday right fielder.

“I wouldn’t call him anything. If we need to put a brand on it..he is [the right fielder] tonight. It’s kind of who we are,” Showalter said.  “It just tells you how valuable he is and it makes people, not only us but in baseball, aware of how versatile and valuable he is.”

Davis has been solid defensively in right field and Showalter’s statement seems to imply that the O’s are —at the very least— entertaining the idea of shopping him. Baltimore has mostly used Chris Parmelee at first base since the move, though Steve Pearce got the start there on Saturday.

“I’m sure at some point before the year is over [Davis will play first base],” Showalter said. “He’s playing a really good right field for us. I think he’s as good of a right fielder as he is a first baseman. He can play both of them well.”

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