Baltimore honoring slain NYPD officer, Os fan

The Orioles, in New York Tuesday to start a slate of six games, plan to have a white home jersey overnighted and signed to present to the family of NYPD officer Brian Moore, who was shot in Queens on Saturday and died on Monday.

Moore, 25, was a big Orioles fan and when the Mets —who honored Moore by wearing NYPD caps in warmups and using police officers to make the national anthem’s color guard—reached out to tell Baltimore that he had an affinity for the team, the O’s acted quickly.

“When you listen to a lot of people talk about him, he was pretty special,” manager Buck Showalter said of Moore. It’s going to be quite a loss.”

The Orioles were also all out for the pregame moment of silence in Moore’s memory. His favorite player, Chris Davis, also signed a baseball for the team. The flags at Citi Field flew half mast on Tuesday.

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O’s always a class act. Makes me so proud to call this my team.

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