Rays release weekend info

The Orioles would have preferred to swap a series with Tampa Bay and make up this weekend’s set in July in Baltimore, but they couldn’t get the Rays to agree on that. Instead, the three games being played at Tropicana Field –which will be $15 a ticket as general admissions–will be a huge revenue hit to Baltimore.

Moved due to safety concerns over the riots in downtown Baltimore, the O’s will get the ticket and concession money this weekend at Tropicana Field, which isn’t expected to be much. They will also have to pay for staffing and any other expense costs. As the home team, the Orioles will wear white and bat second and the Rays will not have their usual in-game entertainment aimed at the home crowd. It will be weird, to say the lease.

There was some thought to playing at a closer neutral site, like DC, but that never got close. Keep in mind, that MLB steps in during these events and helps coordinate things. You have to wonder if they will find a way to help the Oriole recoup basically a lost week of revenue.

Today’s game, after two postponements, won’t have a crowd although it will be on television, and radio. I will also be there covering the game, so look for updates on Twitter and my Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/brittghiroli).

The drive in to the stadium and the press box will have an eerie feel today. For everyone’s sake, and for things much bigger than the game of baseball, I hope this ends soon. Baltimore has been my home since taking the O’s beat in 2010 and it’s a proud, strong city. Seeing people on the news and reading about the efforts to help was a welcome reprieve from the riot coverage. Stay safe, stay strong everyone.


This is so heartbreaking Britt. I know my Boys will over come this and bring the WS back to Baltimore. Stay safe and I will be cheering from home. Listen closely and I am sure you will hear me and the rest of the true O’s fans. Let’s Go O’s.

What a terrible negotiation job by both the Orioles and the Rays. They should have tried to maximize the combined revenue of the two series – which presumably would have been to the swap the two series. Once they figured that out, they could have negotiated a fair split of the combined revenue. For example, the additional combined revenue earned above the expected combined revenue under the current agreement could be split 50-50 among the two teams. Though keep in mind, any percentage split would benefit both teams.

Note: A July weekend series in Baltimore presumably generates more revenue than a July weekend series in Tampa. As well, the upcoming 3 games moved to Tampa would presumably generate more revenue if the Tampa in-game entertainment is aimed at the Tampa crowd.

It’s obvious how the Orioles are losing in a big way here, while the Rays lose by being ultra content to maintain their current level of expected revenue.

Why should the Rays give up a weekend series in July for an unexpected, unplanned weekend series in early May? The O’s would have done Better to try and swap for the series in September and reschedule the fourth game of THAT series for the July visit. But again, why should the Rays give up for 4 home games down the stretch in September, when they would hope to be making a playoff run?

The game today should have been played in chicago when the O’s go there as part of a DH. I understand why they had to do something and had to err on the side of caution, but today’s game will be an unforgettably sad spectacle. It will be talked about for decades. And at least once a season, you’ll hear this “on this date X years ago the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles played in front of nobody”

Very poor sports on the Rays part. I know they have no fans and are starving for income, but come on, what happened to baseball brotherhood. Greedy.

It’s all about revenue. So if they can increase their revenue by giving up the July home games, then why wouldn’t they? Unless your telling me, the ball club might lose a competitive advantage and that trumps revenue?

It is called Karma and the Rays will receive some bad Karma. This is why the Rays are second tier organization. But I am sure the Rays will have their pockets open when the Orioles will have to pay their staff for the 5,000 fans which by the way will only be right around an average attendance for that team. Nice Fans, Nice Stadium. Hope the Orioles sweep them! Show no mercy Buck!

You guys are right. The Rays, who as of now have three major promotions sked during the O’s two visits (one promotion in July, two in September) should just go ahead and further alienate what fans they do have and swap the games to this weekend. The Rays should just ignore the fact that they are a team and business that has to look out for their own interests. Fie, Rays, fie.

To me, it doesn’t seem difficult to move the July promotion to a different night, and let fans exchange the July series tickets for whatever games they want. But I guess giving up the home crowd in July is costly to the Rays playoff chances? I kind of buy that argument.

Ok Brett,

Here are my two gripes and neither involve the Rays.
First, yesterday’s game should have been made up in Chicago as part of a single admission DH. We would thus have been spared yesterday’s spectacle. Something that we’ll be reminded of annually for decades, as I mentioned earlier..
Second, the TB games this weekend should have been played in Washington or philly. Why that didn’t happen could be any number of reasons, but the contentious nature of the relationship between the o’s and the nats could not have helped with regard to Wash.
Would have been nice if the Rays could have swapped and if One of the o’s remaining visits were a weekday series, they more likely would have.

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