Buck’s advice to Baltimore’s African Americans

BALTIMORE— While centerfielder Adam Jones opined before the game about the situation in Baltimore, it wasn’t until after his team’s 8-2 win over Chicago that manager Buck Showalter was asked directly what his advice would be right now to young African Americans in Baltimore.

“You hear people try to weigh in on things that they really don’t know anything about. I tell guys all the time when they talk about… I’ve never been black, OK? So I don’t know, I can’t put myself there,” Showalter said.  “I’ve never faced the challenges that they face, so I understand the emotion, but I can’t… It’s a pet peeve of mine when somebody says, ‘Well, I know what they’re feeling. Why don’t they do this? Why doesn’t somebody do that?’ You have never been black, OK, so just slow down a little bit.

I try not to get involved in something that I don’t know about, but I do know that it’s something that’s very passionate, something that I am with my upbringing that it bothers me and it bothers everybody else. We’ve made quite a statement as a city, some good and some bad. Now, let’s get on with taking the statements we’ve made a create a positive. We talk to players, and I want to be a rallying force for our city. It doesn’t mean necessarily playing good baseball. It just means everything we can do… There are some things I don’t want to be normal [in Baltimore again]. You know what I mean? I don’t. I want us to learn from some stuff that’s gone on on both sides of it. I could talk about it for hours, but that’s how I feel about it.”

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Buck Showalter for President.

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