Hardy, Schoop collide

Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy collided with second baseman Jonathan Schoop in the top of the second inning on Friday and manager Buck Showalter said they will monitor Hardy’s left shoulder over the next day or two.

“I was kind of falling, diving at the same time just to knock that ball down and keep it in the infield and then I think Schoopy was doing the same thing,” Hardy said of the play. “We kind of collided. It wasn’t bad. My glasses came down, my hat, all that stuff, but nothing was… It was no big deal.”

The play came on Jake Elmore’s RBI single up the middle and both O’s infielders dove to try to make a stab at it. Showalter said even if the game –which was called after 3 1/2 innings– had continued, he would not have sent Hardy back out.

“He wanted to hit again, but he wouldn’t have continued in that game,” Showalter said of Hardy. “We’ll see how he is tomorrow.”

Hardy said he thinks his shoulder is OK and he was not scheduled to make the trip to Tampa on Saturday anyway.


Do you know what the exchange between O’s starter and home plate umpire was about? I didn’t notice anything unusual but Norris didn’t seem to happy with the ump afterwards.

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