Tillman, O’s same place on extension talks

Orioles starter Chris Tillman said after Thursday’s start there’s been nothing new in the past few months regarding an extension with Baltimore.

“I’m always open to it,” Tillman said. “I think I’m in the same position as I was when we were when we talked last time [in January]. I’m letting [my agent] do all the work. I hear about, read about it, but I told him not to come to me unless we’ve got something for sure. Same place we were last time we talked.”

Tillman would not be a free agent until after 2017 season and is making $4.315 million with the O’s this season. While there hasn’t been much progress between the two sides, a report earlier in the week that the two sides have begun extension negotiations had teammates asking Tillman.

“From what people are talking about, yeah. I get asked about it in the clubhouse all the time,” he said. “I try to stay away from that, and get ready for the season.”

As for extension talks during the season, Tillman said he’d rather not.

“I’ve been told we’re not going to continue that into the season,” he said. “We’ve got two weeks [left] for the most part.”

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