Post game quotes

*Orioles manager Buck Showalter didn’t have a lot of news following his club’s 8-6 loss to the Cardinals.
Asked about starter Bud Norris’ four innings, Showalter said:  “Not as good as it needs to be, not as good as it’s going to be. Like to have him go another inning but the pitch count and the other team wouldn’t let him. Lot of deep counts, lends to lack go crispness.

I just don’t think he’s real confident throwing the ball.  Didn’t seem real confident challenging the strike zone with his stuff. It’s normal. We have a couple more weeks, he’ll get the ball a couple more times. Feel confident he’ll make some strides and be ready.”

*The Orioles aren’t overly concerned about Hunter Harvey’s injury, since it shortens up Harvey’s season anyhow.

“If there is actually such a thing as a good [injury],” manager Buck Showalter said. “It’s not-displaced, hairline and he was only going to throw about X number of innings anyway so now we can just let him go when he gets back. So I don’t look at it as anything, It kind of keeps us from having to break up his season, there’s a half-full (opinion) for you.”

Showalter said Harvey hit 98 mph in that inning on Saturday.

“He’s in a good place, so freshen up his arm a little bit and get him back out there in four to six weeks,” he said. It’s the definition of hairline. You have to really look for it. I don’t know why they went with a CT scan. He must have had some point tenderness today or something. Most of those things, some people pitch with them, play with them. Just not a good idea right now because then it may become displaced. So just put him in a boot and he’ll be ready to go.”

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