Wieters on his elbow and why he doesn’t feel this is a setback

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters was sitting by his locker this morning and he held court with the media to discuss the news that he has been shut down from catching in games for a week. Wieters, who had an X-ray on Thursday come back clean, is hoping that this break will prevent him from having a major setback. I’ll have a full story on Orioles.com soon, but here is the transcript:

[any concern?] “No. It’s a matter of we put in a lot of work in the nine months of rehab and the body was just telling me, ‘OK, we’ve put in a lot of hard work, let’s just take a little bit of a breather and let it calm down a little bit.’”

[what happened on Wednesday morning?] “It wasn’t really a different feeling, it was more of just kind of fatigue that I’ve been feeling throughout the whole time and we just pushed through. And it wasn’t a matter of hurting it, it was just a matter of it being able to be healthy and strong as quick as possible. We thought rest would be useful. We don’t really see it as a setback, we just needed to slow things down a little bit instead of trying to force through everything.” 

[on if this was a setback] “It was more of the body telling me to slow down so we don’t have that setback, that was more of it than anything. We’ve done a lot to it in the span of nine months and nine months was always the quickest possible scenario to get to a game. And we felt comfortable when I got in a game, like we had gotten the strength up to where it needs to be. The strength is there to play in a game now it’s just a matter of letting everything settle down and let my elbow tell me when I’m ready to get back behind the plate.” 

[Do you feel the need to try to DH Sunday because you’re behind offensively?] “No, and that’s where I feel we’ll play it by ear of how it goes. I feel like once the elbow is back to feeling really good, then the swing will come and the hitting will come. If we DH Sunday, we DH Sunday because it’s definitely doesn’t feel sensitive to the elbow when I swing. At the same time, even though I’m 0-for whatever, I feel just getting in the box and seeing pitches has been good this spring. It’s just a matter of more than anything, just getting comfortable with the elbow and cutting lose.” 

[on if he will need another throwing progression] “We shouldn’t. That’s the thing. It’s not a complete shutout, because we’re going to keep throwing. We’re just going to try to keep any stress or anything like that off the elbow, so we’re not doing real high intensity. We’re going to try to keep the arm in shape to where once we’re back and ready to go, the arm strength should be back where we left off.”

“I think we’re going to go week by week. We’ll take a look at it on Wednesday and see how it is and make a decision after that, and hopefully it will be good by Wednesday and be able to get back going. Like  I said, I think the hardest thing is when you come in each day, I’m trying to test it out each day and sometimes that doesn’t allow you to get the most rest. I really think the best decision was being able to kind of shut down the mental side of trying to test it every day and see how it is and now we can actually let it sort of relax for a week and see where we are after that.”

[How is this throwing progression different than games?] “It probably won’t be that intense. It will just a matter of picking up a ball and playing catch. We got to the point where we felt strong enough throwing the ball to second base. We’re not really doing rehab to get strength up now. It’s a matter of keeping the arm moving and keeping the maintenance and opposed to building.”

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