More on Wieters

Manager Buck Showalter made head athletic trainer Richie Bancells repeat three times this morning that catcher Matt Wieters had the green light –instead of red– on Tuesday’s injury report. It’s been a long wait for everyone as the All-Star catcher, exactly nine months removed from Tommy John surgery, finally stood behind the plate for his Grapefruit League debut against the Twins.

“It’s a lot of roads. It’s another road today he’s got to cross,” Showalter said. “It’s been a long process for him. I’m sure there’s been some times … It was a tough decision for him last year. It was something that was inevitably going to have to happen and I think he made the right move. It was tough on him watching last year.”

Wieters will eventually catch back-to-back, though that won’t happen anytime soon. There’s still a lot left to evaluate.

“As interested as I am in seeing how today goes, how does it feel tomorrow?” Showalter said. “There’s so many things he’s doing for the first time today that he hasn’t done. We can simulate as much as we want to, but I want to know how he feels tomorrow when he comes in.

“I know the guys are having a little golf thing on the off-day [on Monday], a little competition, and Matt said, ‘I’d love to play, but I’m not taking any chances.’ You can tell there’s still some unknown. How’s he going to respond? Is he going to be able to catch six days out of seven with one day game? I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m hoping to come out of it here with an idea. I’m hoping he’ll have some back-to-back days here before we leave.

“I think I’ll get more feedback tomorrow than I will today. That’s my sneaking suspicion.”

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