Os cut two and other notes

*The Orioles cut two from their spring roster on Sunday afternoon, optioning infielder Rey Navarro to Triple-A Norfolk and reassigning outfielder Matt Tuiasosopo to Minor League camp. Manager Buck Showalter will make some more cuts on Monday, including some pitchers and at least one more position player.

Navarro was signed to a Major League contract at the end of November and went 4-for-12 with a home run this spring.

“He’s got a little pop,” Showalter said. “He’s a quality defender. Everything that they said he was, he was. Good kid. He can really play second base. Switch-hitter. I’ll tell you, he’s got a little juice. He could hit 12, 13, 14 home runs.

“I talked to a lot of people, actually managers he had. I’m glad we got him.”

Tuiasosopo went 0-for-11.


In an effort to make sabermetrics more easily understood by players, manager Buck Showalter will have bullpen coach Dom Chiti speak with the team on the topic later this week.

“I think it’s all in the presentation…who does it. Dom’s spent three days in a row now after the game until seven or eight o’clock with Ned (Rice) and all those guys and Ben (Werthan), and he showed me a sheet he’s going to present to them, and it’s ‘Sabermetrics for Dummies.’,” Showalter said. “I want to take the cloak off of it. What you find out is, it ain’t that complicated…and find the .300 batting average with all of them. Where’s the .300 batting average, that’s what I want to know.”

Showalter said a lot of the time guys will mention numbers for certain advanced stats, like BABIP or WOBA and no one will know if that’s a good number for that stat or not.

“We put it [stats in] elite, good, average, below average and poor, so if this guy’s numbers fall in this range, it’s not good,” Showalter said. “And more importantly, Dom’s saying, ‘Here’s what it tells you that is good and here is what it doesn’t tell you. Here’s the flaw in that stat.”

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