Jones on Markakis: “I know the truth”

It didn’t long this morning when Adam Jones walked in for a media scrum to follow and ask for his reaction to former teammate Nick Markakis’ comments in yesterday’s USA Today. None of this is new from what happened this winter –it was widely reported here and in other places that Baltimore didn’t want to go more than three years because of concerns for his neck on the MRI– but it is interesting that Markakis is still harboring some resentment over it.

“Don’t believe a word they say,” Markakis told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “It was all because of my neck. They can say what they want to make them look good. It’s all B.S.”

Markakis maybe didn’t follow along this winter, but executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said several times this winter that the Orioles had some health concerns with a long-term deal for Markakis. Saying he was still dealing with neck issues could have worsened Markakis’ standing in other negotiations and publicly delving further into his MRI results could have been a potential HIPAA violation.

Jones, who was not happy with the news this winter, didn’t fault Markakis for how things went down.

“I know what’s going on,” Jones said Thursday morning. “I know the truth. It’s a move he made for himself. I never fault him for it.”

As for Markakis –who signed a four-yea deal with Atlanta– wanting the Orioles to be more public about the reason they balked at anything longer than a three-year deal, Jones agreed with his friend and former teammate.

“I don’t know what he played with, he never disclosed anything to anybody,” Jones said of Markakis, who took great pride of playing every game. “Check all 750 players something hurts, something is not normal. If that’s the real reason he’s not here I hope someone can man up and say it instead of beating around the bush.”

But Duquette did say it already, including at FanFest.

“It always comes out later,” Jones said. “That’s just how this game is.”

Probably the most surprising part about Wednesday’s article was that the quiet Markakis said anything at all.

“I’m glad he said something because he never says anything,” Jones said of the uncharacteristic outburst. “I’m glad he said something, he should say stuff. He has a lot on his mind, very articulate man, very smart man. He doesn’t say much, but when he does people listen. He’s got peoples attention. That’s why you are all in front of me now.”

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