Davis: “It almost feels like I have something to prove again”

Orioles first baseman Chris Davis held court in the clubhouse a few minutes ago and I’ll have a full story up on Orioles.com shortly. Here are some of the highlights…

On being back at camp…

“I’ve been looking forward to this day for a number of months now, for obvious reasons. I”m just excited to get out there and get back to what I know. And put all this stuff behind me.” 

On if he has a chip on his shoulder…

“I think I kind of keep a chip on my shoulder. My mindset is so much different this year. After you have a big year you come in and you kind of question, ‘Do I need to change anything? Do I do everything the same? How do I out-do myself?’ And I think a lot of times you end up working against yourself and that’s kind of what happened last year. Obviously with the injury early on I pushed a little too hard to get back and didn’t give myself enough time to heal. But with everything that’s gone on and the time I’ve had off, it just lit a fire underneath me and I definitely have a different mindset coming into this season. I almost feel more confident this year than I did last year, which is kind of ridiculous to say. It’s just a weird thing, I don’t know how to describe it. 

Just coming off the suspension, the injury, everything last year. I was confident after 2013, but it was kind of ‘where do we go from here? do i keep everything exactly the same? do i need to change it up?’ Coming into this season it almost feels like I have something to prove again. And that’s a good spot for me to be in.”

On the last time he was at Sarasota League, during instructional league

“Last time I was here I was on timeout, so to speak. Even when I came back and saw the guys, I couldn’t really participate and that’s a miserable feeling. I know a lot of that was self-inflicted and to be honest with you I deserved every bit of it. But being back here and being back in the mix and knowing these guys are going to count on me and being able to actually make an impact, it means a lot to me.”
On his batting average last season…

“I always feel like if I’m swinging the bat well, I’m going to carry a good average and the home runs are going to be there, the RBIs are going to be there. I think the thing that really killed me was early on obviously the oblique but I was carrying a decent batting average and I actually had a good number of RBIs, but my home runs were down. It was cold. There were some balls you hit that didn’t leave and you kind of start second-guessing yourself. The worst thing I could have done was go out there and try to hit home runs and I did that, and you saw the effects of that on my average. There was no doubt that was extremely disappointing. I know I’m way better than a .196 hitter and hopefully go back out there and prove it this year.”

On what he’s learned the past two years..

“I think having the game taken away from me, you learn how fragile it is and how important it is and really what a blessing it is coming here and doing what we do every day. I think I had kind of taken that for granted last year and obviously got away from the things that made me successful. It was a pretty quick reminder of how fragile it is and how privileged we are to be here every day and I won’t forget that.”

On getting a TUE for a different drug…
“Yeah, the name of the drug is Vyvanse. It’s basically a more sophisticated version of Adderall and it’s kind of the new thing the way it’s introduced to the body. I’m not really going to get into specifics because I don’t want to quote medical terms that I have no idea (about) and just show my ignorance.  I like the way it works and I think it’s something that’s helped me away from baseball and hopefully it will continue to help me.” 

On if he thinks addressing team again is necessary…
“I don’t. Obviously not being able to come to the field last year, I did certain things to voice how I felt and apologize, but I think the biggest thing for me is to move forward. I think the quicker we put this thing behind us and focus on what we need to accomplish this year, the better we’re going to be.” 

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Interesting that I just read an article in the New York Times on the drug Chris mentioned. Vyvance is now being marketed by Shire as a drug for the disease of binge eating. Funny that fellow Sarasota resident and tennis pro Monica Seles is the spokesperson who herself suffered from hinge eating.
Good luck to Chris and I’m looking forward to a great season from him with everything behind him. He’s got a good attitude going into the spring.
Here’s a link to the NYTIMES story: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/02/25/business/shire-maker-of-binge-eating-drug-vyvanse-first-marketed-the-disease.html?referrer=

I’ll see you all Saturday at the season ticket holder event.

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