Duquette on the Markakis rumors

BALTIMORE— The Orioles watched Nelson Cruz sign a four-year pact with Seattle and fans anxiously started to wonder if Nick Markakis would be the next free agent to go elsewhere. And while that’s still a possibility, and will remain one until Markakis is off the market, the O’s aren’t counting out a return for the longtime Oriole outfielder just yet.

“Rumors of our demise are largely exaggerated,” executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said of a report Monday that claimed the odds were “less than 50-50.’ of Markakis returning. “We are still working on a number of different ways to staff our outfield. I am confident we will be able to find some good options.”

Markakis is one that looked to be done earlier this offseason, with the two sides on the verge of a new contract shortly after the postseason ended. But it never got done, prompting Markakis’ camp to look elsewhere and talks to stall last month. There is rumored interest in Markakis from other clubs, with CBSSports.com citing the Braves, Blue Jays and Giants among them, but Baltimore hasn’t given up on landing the 31-year-old Markakis. A Monkton, Md. resident who is active in the community and a favorite of owner Peter Angelos, Markakis’ status with the O’s doesn’t really change with the Cruz signing as the two have different skill sets.

“Nelson is more of power hitter, Nick’s strength is his ability to get on base,” said Duquette, who stated earlier this offseason that the club had enough resources to try to sign both players. “Nelson did a great job for us and he got a good contract. So, we have to be cognizant of replacing his presence in our lineup.”


We have a cheap owner it was a foregone conclusion he would not spend the money for Cruz and it will take the money Cruz got or more to sign another quality player and lets face reality Dan Duquette is a front man for our cheap owner and we will have a much potent roster then last year and we have not improved out starting pitching and are losing Miller our best reliever be prepared Oriole Fans the signs are there we will not win more than 75 games if that much; again we go backwords due to Peter Angelos the cheapest owner in Baseball. Just check out the playoffs the starting and relief pitching was better then ours but now we are gone backwards again this year. So said to have this owner. Frank Kalita

You say the owner is cheap but the O’s had the 15th highest payroll last year … meaning there are 15 “cheaper” owners in the league.

Steve Pearce hit seven more home runs than Nick did in 53 fewer games. Pearce also batted almost 20 points higher. If Nick’s departure leaves room to sign Matt Kemp, let Nick go. If Nick goes and Kemp talks stall, maybe Pearce can play right. We know 14 home runs is not enough power for a right fielder. That’s a shortstop or second basement figure.

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