Guthrie apologizes for Tuesday’s t-shirt

Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie apologized on Wednesday afternoon for the t-shirt he won on Tuesday night that stated, “These O’s Ain’t Royal” following Kansas City’s 2-1 win. Guthrie said the shirt, a play on a song lyric from Chris Brown’s “Loyal’ song, was given to him on Tuesday and he showed a “lack of judgement” in wearing it in his post-game press conference.

An Oriole for five years, Guthrie said several players reached out to tell him they thought it was a low blow and, while didn’t see how it was disrespecting the city of Baltimore and organization, apologized and said the shirt was going to be thrown away.

“Apologies to everyone who was offended,” said Guthrie, who also took to his Twitter account this morning to apologize to his former organization.

The Royals are up 3-0 in the ALCS.


The players he said “reached out to tell him they thought it was a low blow,” I assume they were Orioles (former teammates, perhaps) and not any of his current teammates, I assume?

Yeah, he’s not close with many of the current O’s from what I understand.

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