Orioles release roster

Per a team release, here is the Orioles ALDS roster.

23 Cruz, Nelson
12 De Aza, Alejandro
3 Flaherty, Ryan
2 Hardy, J.J.
14 Johnson, Kelly
10 Jones, Adam
9 Lough, David
21 Markakis, Nick
38 Paredes, Jimmy
28 Pearce, Steve
6 Schoop, Jonathan
27 Young, Delmon

40 Hundley, Nick
36 Joseph, Caleb

35 Brach, Brad RHP
53 Britton, Zach LHP
16 Chen, Wei-Yin LHP
39 Gausman, Kevin RHP
50 Gonzalez, Miguel RHP
29 Hunter, Tommy RHP
31 Jimenez, Ubaldo RHP
48 Miller, Andrew LHP
25 Norris, Bud RHP
56 O’Day, Darren RHP
30 Tillman, Chris RHP


Great Looking Roster ! Nice Job as Usual Buck – LOL ! Coach is; ” THE MASTER OF MATCH-UP BASEBALL ! ” How about a Little Trivia this AM ? Who gave Derek Jeter his Number 2 ? – You got it !! Buck Showalter !! Question ? Will Chris Davis
see any Action in the Playoffs ? We KNOW that we will still be Playing when his
Suspension is Over – SO ?? We all Know and have Seen Chris ” CRUSH ” Davis
come in a WIN or Totally Change the Complexion of a Game with One Swing of the
Bat … ” Just Sayin’ !! ” Not to mention all the Hard Work that ” Crush ” has put in
this, ” Year of the SLUMP ! ” I Know – He Slipped Up taking the Addreall and HE KNOWS as well; and he is Taking his LUMPS for it like the Pro that he is …

Britt – Just want to ADD HERE – ” You have done a Superb Job this year ( Every
Year for that Matter ) Covering the ORIOLES – INSIDE AND OUT !! I Hope that
when your Contract comes Up; ( lol ) that the Orioles Treat You like the,” QUEEN of Reporters; ” that You are ! I Think … that a ” FAT BONUS ” would Not be Out of
Line for You ! Maybe a Trip to Jamaica … lol Enjoy the Playoffs Britt they are going
to be of ” HISTORIC PROPORTIONS ” this year; with Many Records there to be
” Broken ! ”



I think somebody with the TEAM should remind the batters that they arej going after all of the low pitches and as long as the batters swing at them the opposing pitchers will throw them to get the out. Please pass along to management. I have been an Oriole fan since 1954 and this is the worst team that I have watched when it comes to strikeouts

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