Buck tossed

BALTIMORE—Orioles manager Buck Showalter was ejected from Sunday’s game by second base umpire Jeff Nelson after arguing on an overturned replay review call on a transfer play in the seventh inning.

Down a run, Orioles shortstop Ryan Flaherty made a diving stop on Cardinals’ outfielder Jon Jay and threw the ball to second baseman Jonathan Schoop, who lost the ball trying to remove it from his glove to pivot and throw to first base. The call was initially ruled as out at second base, but Cardinals manager Mike Matheny came on to argue and request a review of the transfer play, which was a hot-button topic earlier this season and eventually had the new ruling amended.

Matheny won the call after a two-and-a-half minute review and Showalter immediately came out onto the field, gesturing to the review crew to get on their headset and get in contact with the League’s operating headquarters in New York. He was ejected immediately by second base umpire Jeff Nelson, although Showalter kept arguing and using his hands animatedly to bring his point across.

The ejection, which was Showalter’s first of the season, was met with an ovation from the crowd of 27,779 Camden Yards, already on its feet during their manager’s arguing.

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