Frank, Brooks and Eddie on the Os

With the Orioles having their 60th anniversary celebration tonight, there is expected to be about two dozen former players here for the post-game show. Among those here who were at this afternoon’s luncheon are Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson and Eddie Murray. The trio of baseball royalty held court as the final group to meet with the media. I’ll have a full story on the anniversary up on shortly, but here are the highlights of that final presser….

BROOKS on enjoying the state of the current Oriole club…
I love it. Glad to see it. A lot of young people out there enjoying the games. The number of orange shirts you see in all these other towns, it’s exciting. I’ll tell you what: it’s hard to win. And to win a World Championship, it is tough. You never know what is going to happen.

FRANK on Brooks saying he put the Os team over the top when they acquired him…
That’s just Brooks being Brooks, being nice. No one person wins championships. I was probably the missing ingredient for that team to put them over the top. When I came here I said, if i came here and did my part, they are a pretty good ball club now, we could have a chance to win. And that’s how I approached it.

EDDIE on similarities between those Orioles teams and the 2014 club…
I don’t think these guys are hitting the way the are capable of. Let’s put it this way, these guys are a lot better, the little I see of these guys in California, I think they are pitching quite well. It’s just a matter of doing it all together…but they seem to be winning the close games and that’s what it really takes. It’s nice to see those one-run victories on your side.

BROOKS on Manny Machado…
He’s terrific. He’s got a great arm…Ive only met him once, I presented him with a Gold Glove award last year along with J.J. [Hardy] I really like him. He’s a good kid and a terrific fielder.

FRANK on being associated mostly as an Oriole despite playing elsewhere…
The people here, we had a lot of fun the six years I was here. Even the years we didn’t play up to our capabilities or our standards. And the way we looked at each other, we felt about each other no one was better or bigger than anyone else. We were all equal. That was the way we went about it…And Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter deserve a lot of credit for bringing that feeling back. And bringing back all the older Orioles and mixing them, talking to the young players. That’s a good feeling. And that’s the good thing about it. And the players do listen to it.

Here with this organization now, you’re welcome. And the players are happy to see you and talk to you. The feeling is back here. It’s a great fan base here. the city is not real large. You cant get lost in this city, and the fans really see you outside the ballpark and they treat you like family…that’s what made the six years I was here, the best six years of my career.

BROOKS on if the Os could win the World Series…
It’s tough to win and I’ve seen the caliber of players on all the other teams, no reason we can’t win this division. After that, it’s a little pot luck that’s all. You got to play well, you are going to face better pitching. But the teams I see in the AL East now, the Orioles should win it. That’s the way I see it.

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