Trade Deadline links & more notes

It was a busy day around baseball with one of the more memorable Trade Deadlines in recent history seeing a slew of big names and Major Leaguers moved. You can read the of the events here.

For the Orioles, it meant giving up left-handed pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez for Andrew Miller.

*You can read the full story story on the trade with reaction from the Orioles side here.

*Here is what Red Sox GM Ben Cherington had to say…

“He probably pitched his way off the team because he pitched so well. We are where we are, we have him for two more months. Especially that type of pitcher is even more valuable for a winning team than a team that’s not winning as much. You have to listen to what you can turn that into.

We had more calls on Andrew Miller than any other player on our team. Evert contender in baseball pretty much called us on Andrew Miller because he fits for everyone. He’s a really good lef-thanded reliever, he’s not making a lot of money. There were a lot of teams involved. We felt like the single best player we could get was Rodriguez in terms of potential upside and impact. There’s a lot of good prospects we could have gotten for Miller. We liked Rodriguez the best. As with other guys, I don’t think this rules anything out going forward. He’s a Baltimore Oriole now and he’s going to help them get in the playoffs.”

*Miller, who was out from July on with a broken foot last year, had this to say to reporters in Boston: “It’s exciting. I get a chance to pitch for a team that could go to to the playoffs and after last season, that is what I want. I didn’t want to leave here but if I have to go, I’m glad its to a team like that and a team in contention. I’m looking forward to it. I had no idea I was going to be traded or what would happen. I think I found out five minutes before everybody else. It’s flattering to know other teams want you.”

*Orioles EVP Dan Duquette said the talks with Miller started to really develop over the few days leading up to the deadline and he talked about things in more detail in his presser, which I transcribed for you here.

*It’s far too early to evaluate who won and lost in this move. But, overall, I think it’s a trade the Orioles had to make. Given what transpired around the American League today, Duquette acknowledged that he was trying to make the O’s more competitive and continue what they’ve started. The Orioles feel as if they have ample pitching depth, with guys like Tim Berry and Tyler Wilson emerging in the system. Rodriguez is having a down year and is still very talented, just a slightly bigger risk than he was at this time a year ago. That they were willing, even grudgingly, to deal him away reflects that.

The Os weren’t willing to trade away their future and acquire a frontline starter, and adding a piece like Miller makes their bullpen pretty formidable. Now, they’ll wait and see if it was enough.

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