Jimenez to the DL, Gausman on his way up

Ubaldo Jimenez –the Orioles most expensive free-agent signing in club history– is headed to the disabled list with a right ankle sprain suffered on Wednesday. Jimenez, who manager Buck Showalter said is “an eight” on a pain scale of 1-10, will be replaced on the roster by right-hander Kevin Gausman who will pick up one of this weekend’s starts against the Yankees.

“He stepped in a hole in the parking lot,”Showalter said of Jimenez’s injury. “We were looking at it today. It’s pretty puffy, taped up. He tried to take a work day yesterday. We were hoping that it would resolve somewhat today, it did not and he’s not going to be able to start tomorrow, so we’re probably going to DL him and back-date him and have him ready post-All-Star break.”

Gausman was on his way to Camden Yards on Friday afternoon and will likely start Sunday’s game, though he is an option to pitch on Saturday. Chris Tillman could be moved up to Saturday, which would have been his normal day. Gausman took a “light side day” on Thursday for Triple-A Norfolk.

Jimenez has had a similar injury with Cleveland and was shut down early in the 2012 season. Signed to a four-year, $50-million deal this winter, the news of his injury on Friday is the latest in a disappointing first half for Jimenez. He went 3-8 with a 4.52 ERA in 18 games, including a 1-6 mark with a 5.29 ERA in nine starts at Camden Yards.

Showalter said because they are recalling a player within the 10-day window –in Gausman–they can’t backdate Jimenez to his last start. He would be eligible to pitch the sixth game of the second half, though that’s not guaranteed and it will be based on his rehab progression.


thinking the O’s should really look into getting those holes in the parking lot filled…

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Jimenez seems to be in and out he needs a lot of help to improve himself I would fire the scouts who stated he was a quality pitcher; he is not, and is very inexperienced in dealing with pressure; he seems to fall apart and in fact has terrible pitch selection in crucial states we will never get $50 million dolllars out of this guy the orioles waited late to sign him and did not due there homework. Submitted by: Frank Kalita

Let’s Go O’s!!!

Britt, Not sure what’s going on here but this is a very convenient injury to Ubaseonbaldo because Gausman needs to be in the rotation and on the roster permanently. Do you think the $50 million bet the O’s appear to have lost out on will sour their view on the free agent pitching market? Thanks. Brian

You can say lets go Orioles but you need to wonder what the scouts though that suggested Jimenez was worth even half of his contract; blame the scouts not the team; saying that Jimenez is a slow starter is a cop out; he just does not have the skills needed; he would make a better relied pitcher. Frank Kalita

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