Machado apologizes on team network

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BALTIMORE— Orioles third baseman Manny Machado apologized for his actions in Sunday’s benches clearing brawl on Monday afternoon as he awaits news of a potential suspension that will likely come Tuesday.

“I want to to apologize to all my teammates, my coaching staff, the entire Orioles organization, and Oakland and to my fans for the way I acted,” said Machado, who also singled out A’s catcher Derek Norris for another apology. “That’s not the way we play baseball around here.”

Machado, who exited the Orioles clubhouse immediately upon the media’s entrance on Monday afternoon, was not made available for further comment. The 21-year-old earned his second career ejection and on Monday went on the team-owned MASN Network but did not take questions from any of the media.

Machado said hitting Norris with his back swings was unintentional and he felt remorse but didn’t think Oakland —given the situation— would think he was sincere. Machado first got into it on Friday, taking exception to a hard tag by Josh Donaldson and upon taking the second consecutive inside pitcher from reliever Fernando Abad he let his bat go sailing by third base. That was enough to empty both benches and cause Abad and Machado to be tossed.

“It was a frustrating weekend,” said Machado, who admitted he overreacted and said he had already talked with his Orioles teammates about the matter. The O’s were late for pre game batting practice as the team held a meeting to discuss the incident and several veterans to air their thoughts.

“Our guys care and they care about Manny and what he can do to help our team, too,” manager Buck Showalter said. “We all at some point start reflecting on the impact our actions have on other people, not only the Baltimore Oriole people but the fans and everything. Today’s world it’s hard to handle all of it internally and rightfully so. And when you run things up the flagpole, players in spots get run up and it’s a very short fall…sometimes we make it easier to fall.”

Showalter said he noticed the backswings on Sunday and mentioned something about it to bench coach John Russell. The A’s took particular exception, claiming Norris was removed from the game as a result, and both Norris and fellow catcher John Jason had choice words for Machado post-game.

“I think Manny’s had six or seven of those this year. Obviously, they’re not intentional,” Showalter said. “It’s just the way he swings. It’s not something that you want to see happen. Just like Matt [Wieters] when he gets hit or any of our catchers get hit, it’s unfortunate. I’ve never seen a hitter do that on purpose including Manny, but I think he felt like they really didn’t want to hear it. Whether that was a good or bad decision can be debated on his part, but I can understand why they would’ve felt that way.”

Showalter said he wasn’t sure if there would be carryover when the two teams play again next month. The Orioles open the second half of the season with a series in Oakland.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We will deal with it. Trust me, we will deal with it.”


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Machados apology is insincere. Im a die hard As fan and I hope for his sake when they do visit the coliseum next month that he acts like a professional or there will be retaliation. Grow up, your in the big leagues now

If retaliation don’t expect it to be one sided coming from an O’s fan

As an O’s fan I have never seen Manny act that way and I don’t think we will ever see him like that again.

If he didn’t hit Norris on purpose, why did he stand there and grin instead of turning around to see if he was ok or apologize, like EVERY OTHER big leaguer would do?

You need to grow up . Only Manny knows if the apology was sincere ,so don’t assume , you know what they say.

How long have you been a fan , doesn’t seem like to long ,this isn’t the first time a catcher has been hit. So stop your whining and get over it

Unfortunately Machado’s apology falls woefully short as do Showalter’s comments. I’ve always rooted for the Orioles in the east against the powerhouse Yankees and Red Sox. No more. I will look forward to seeing the O’s fail after this disgrace. Manny’s suspension should be major.

What are you a rays can go back to the cellar

It’s hard to believe Machado was sincere in his apologies, too long after both the hits on Norris and throwing his bat. His obvious smirk while Norris was being looked at spoke loud and clear. And throwing his bat at third base! What a baby!

Originally I didn’t see the game, so hearing all the A’s fans talk about him hitting the catcher I figured wow he must have been smiling or laughing. I also thought he must have like turned around and clubbed Norris with the bat. When I actually watched the replay I was shocked. Not only was it an accident( that is Manny’s normal swing), but I never saw him smile or “smirk’. I think A’s fans are seeing what they want to see there. Then Norris goes and says he thinks maybe Manny was smiling. So let me get this straight. You get hit so hard in the head you have to leave the game. But somehow you see the guy smiling while you are injured. Come on!! Just milking the situation after the fact. Now as far as the bat throwing, that was over the line. Naturally he will be punished I hope. Probabely a 10 game suspension. I just wish A’s fans would stop trying to make this more then it is.

I wish Manny would have played the game correctly and not whine over a “hard tag”…

I’m sure there is a lot more said in the dugout from all players that we don’t see

In competition at the level of mlb is very intense and in the heat of the moment players sometimes overreact.I believe if Manny could take back the incident with the backswing on Norris he would.I think that was his most wrong doing, he should of least apologized to Norris right away.That was embarrassing to him and the O’s organization.But when a dude is 60 ft. away and firing high 90’s fastballs towards your knees in a 11-1 trouncing how would you react knowing it was intentional.Cmon Manny was no saint in this situation but he is catching all the flak.Even the tag incident wasn’t all Manny.I watched the tag a few times and been tagged myself playing the sport.You could see Donaldson jabbed quick and hard like a swift Pacquia jab.It was unnecessary. So tempers flare in the heat of the moment in a tightly contested ballgame.Donaldson was just smoother in the situation.Give the kid a break he apologized let’s move on and watch Manny be the beast

Come on man, Manny got mad because he fell over. Also, I guess it was all right for Chen to throw two fastballs at Donaldson’s head too?

I’m not saying it was ok for chen to hit donaldson but the situation is different.Donaldson takes chen deep.Then the tag incident occurred. When Donaldson swings he likes to go out over the plate.Chen merely did his job insuring Donaldson can’t keep diving over the plate.He wanted to send a message that your further at bats you better look inside too.That’s bigboy pitching.Besides he was only grazed and wasn’t threw at intentionally like abad did to manny

The O’s go to Oaktown and hopefully things will be decided on the field without any carry over from last weekend’s fiasco, but if there is retribution Buck already indicated it won’t be tolerated.

He’s gonna here it from the fans that’s for sure…

Thx for allowing me to be opionated.

Let’s not forget he was angry and his actions were deliberate. OK, he apologizes. You learn in little league when you are 9 and 10 not to do that. NO excuses. Bad karma begets …….

Lol,I love how theres all these “die hard A’s” fans now that the A’s are preforming well! I dont recall hearing or seeing a A’s fan before this season! wonder why? IF THE A’s want to retaliate thats fine.but the O’s are not just gonna take it and let it happend! There will be a bench clearing braw!

I guess the same can be said by O’s fans! LMAO


And that’s beside the point, if a player can’t take a baseball play than why play? Grow up Manny.

Glad to see the orioles stand up to protect there own, other teams been doin this for yrs., n it was ok, but now the o’s do this n they’re thugs! Get over it!

it may be that Machado is a little upset about his contract or some personal issue but what he did is un professional and he should be suspended. The orioles are usually a classy organization.

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