Os likely to make a move

PITTSBURGH— The Orioles look poised to make a roster move following Chris Tillman’s three-out start in Wednesday’s 9-8 loss to the Pirates to help replenish a bullpen that was already a man down.

“It’s hard to tell until we get our arms around it tonight. I’m not going to give you right now who it is,” manager Buck Showalter said of the reliever that was unavailable and could potentially be a disabled list situation. “You can probably figure it out because they didn’t pitch. Some things crop up during the day. That’s why so many times, things may look one way going into the day, and then by the time bp and the game’s over, you’ve got a different situation, and you’ve got to adjust.”

If it’s not a DL move, the Orioles will have to make room on the roster. Right-hander Brad Brach has Minor League options and he threw four scoreless innings after Tillman, so he won’t be available to pitch for a few days. Triple-A Norfolk’s T.J. McFarland is a candidate to come up and add length, as he last pitched on Saturday.

“I’d like to keep [Brach] if I can,” Showalter said. I think he’s thrown 48 this year, and today, he was less than that. I think it’s the innings more than the pitch count. I know if I asked him what he’d say.”


Why make a move now? So the team had ONE bad pitching performance. How about the starting pitching staff MAN UP and start pitching into the 7 and 8th inning. The team uses 4 or 5 pitchers a night. Matusz, Britton, Hunter, O’day are all available tomorrow. So quit over reacting and send pitchers down after one appearance. All need to step up their game and give Bud Norris some run support too.

Any thoughts Britt?

They can’t pitch into the 7th and 8th they aren’t that great. The starting pitching is sub-par.

with the way this division is shaping up, it is quite winnable. i have seen all the teams numerous times. no one stands out. look out if toronto acquires a samardzija or someone along those lines. yanks, bosox and rays look average. i guess all the teams need a pitcher. at this point, who can say which team will win the east. orioles must not use hunter as closer, because every game is vital in this division. just some thoughts.

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