Wieters talks about going to the DL

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters spoke with the media just now about his decision to go on the disabled list. You can read the full story on Orioles.com, but here is what Wieters had to say…

On why he made the decision to go on the disabled list…
“Ultimately, it was what’s going to get me back catching as quick as possible. And we just kind of felt letting it completely rest as opposed to try and get through swings and kind of get half ready every day. It may have actually been slowing us down a little bit to where we’ll now let it completely rest and, hopefully, be able to get back to catching even sooner.”

On if this went slower than expected…
“Didn’t really know what to expect with it considering it was the first time I really had experienced anything with it. So I’m kind of just going with how the symptoms feel and it’s definitely (something) we want to make sure we get right.”

On how considered he is considering the difficultly in putting a timetable on this…
“Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow. We’re just going to go every day, come here ready to work, ready to rehab and when I’m ready I’m ready.”
Is there a specific pain in your elbow or it just doesn’t feel right?
“You just know it is not right right now and we want to get it right before we get back out there.”

On if Dr. Andrews saw anything different last week…
“No, it just turned into more, ‘Are we kind of starting again at ground zero every day we come back if I keep swinging every day?’ I want to make sure that we can make progress and continue to improve on it.”

On going to the DL for just the second time in his career…
“The DL’s tough. It’s something to where you’ve got to be able to keep yourself mentally into the game and you’ve got to be able to keep yourself physically ready to go when you are ready to come back. And hopefully I can find a way to help these guys while not being in the lineup every day.”


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