Davis to DL

The Orioles will put All-Star first baseman Chris Davis on the disabled list, after the results of Saturday’s MRI revealed a left oblique strain that’s more serious than the club originally had hoped.

“It’s kind of crazy because I don’t feel terrible,” said Davis, who exited Friday’s game after four innings and was optimistic he’d avoid the DL. “I’ve never had anything like this before. I figured it would just be a few days and then we’d forget about it.”

Davis is obviously hoping the 15 day minimum stay is all he will need and he will continue to get treatment and stay with the team.

“Its definitely disappointing, frustrating. I do a lot to try and take care of my body and prevent injuries,” he said. “You play this game long enough eventually you’re going to run into something like this but I’m going to stay positive. I definitely have the best group of guys behind me and they picked me up tonight with a win and an exciting win. That was good to see. We’ve got more than our share of guys in here that are capable of picking me up and [helping] the team until get back.”

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said the team could wait until after Sunday’s game, given Monday’s off day, before adding another player to the roster. In Davis’ place, Nick Markakis started at first base on Saturday.


Bad things will keep happening to the orioles until someone kicks Higgins in the n*ts

It pains me to say this but Markaikis played a great defensive game!!

this is NOT good….. Manny we need you

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