More on the David Lough situation

Outfielder David Lough left the team Tuesday to see two doctors in Baltimore Wednesday morning, returning in time for the team’s game against the Yankees after passing some concussion tests.

“It’s been a lingering thing, just kind of playing through it but they could tell I wasn’t right out there,” said Lough, who dealt with concussion-like symptoms in Spring Training. “I didn’t feel right so I spoke up and said something. And they said I needed to go run some tests and everything is fine now.”

Lough missed a week of camp in what was first called neck stiffness and he was put through a battery of tests before he was cleared to return to the field. He said following Wednesday’s 5-4 win, a game in which he entered as a defensive replacement in the ninth, that he was feeling better and was told by the doctors this was something that would clear up on its own.

“It’s better now,” Lough said. “I think we all got it all taken care of, squared away. Back to normal.”

Lough was a possibility for the disabled list on Tuesday, which is why the Orioles had Jemile Weeks come up from Triple-A Norfolk in the event they had an extra roster spot. Weeks was sent out before Wednesday’s game started.

“We thought because he had similar symptoms that it might be something, because we had the same tests done in Sarasota, [Fla.],” said manager Buck Showalter prior to Wednesday’s game. “We wanted to let our guy see it and have him weigh in on it, and he concurred with what was in Sarasota.”

Showalter wasn’t aware of any specific trigger this time and wasn’t confident that things were completely resolved as far as Lough’s symptoms go.
“We’re not sure about that, but we’re sure a concussion’s not causing it,” he said. “A concussion has not caused it.”

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