Jones said he’s not sorry, got support from around the League

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones made national news for his comments yesterday regarding the pair of fans who ran onto the field. Jones said he wished he could kick them with his metal spikes on and was incredibly vocal about baseball needing to crack down. (You can read the whole thing here).

Major League Baseball was looking into the comments, although there’s not expected to be a fine or anything for Jones. The outspoken outfielder said that he heard from other players and people around the League applauding him for saying what many think. I’ll have a full story up shortly on, but here is what Jones said today…

[on MLB possibly punishing him]
“No. My comments weren’t malicious or anything like that. That’s just my opinion. I’m pretty sure other people have spoken their opinion got nothing.”

[on if his opinion is universal]
“Yes. The players feel like it’s something you don’t say and I said it.

Oh yeah, my phone has been blowing up. It’s been awesome, with everyone. Friends around the League. Like, ‘Dude, that’s awesome.’ You guys are making a big deal out of it because you have to, I know your overhead is making you come to me so I get it.”

[on if he regrets saying anything]
“No. No. Not sorry. No, people say sorry they don’t mean it. I’m not going to say it if I don’t mean it. Obviously I don’t want to inflict any pain on people but if you put us in harm’s way, got to protect myself.”

[on if player safety is really what his tirade was about]
“That’s all its about. Players don’t pay to come watch the fans, fans pay to come watch the players. Cus us out, badger us, but don’t put our lives, our safety in jeopardy. The second you do that, you are going to get the person who was before the baseball person was.”

[since kicking is not allowed…] “Well if they signed a waiver.”

[on what Jones thinks the punishment needs to be]
“You cant stop them from happening because you would have to put up barriers and that would obstruct the fans. The only thing you can do is make examples of them. Give them real jail time. Fine the hell out of them. Twenty grand. Nobody wants to be find twenty grand. I don’t care who are you. The world’s richest man. So, you are going to have to do something. Obviously the safety of players is utmost important to me and I know Major League baseball feels that way. This is a nine billion dollar industry, you are not going to let someone come on the field and damage your investment. Just looking at it from a business model. So, it is what it is.”

[on if MLB and clubs are taking this seriously?]
“Yeah, they have been, and it’s good to see them come on the field. They ran out there quick. I was laughing because a couple of the security guards ran into each other, which is funny. In Baltimore we’ve got the same thing. I called them out a couple of years ago because we had all the incidents early in the season. It’s stupid. I remember my first beer, too. So what? It doesn’t make me want to go onto the field, so stay away from it. In Baltimore, they increased their security and you see the guys; they’re sitting there waiting. In the dugout we’ve got a guy just sitting there waiting to tackle somebody. It shouldn’t be that way. People want to get on Top 10, so let ‘em.”
[on if there have been fewer incidents in Baltimore as a result]
“I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it. I appreciate the Orioles taking ownership for that for us because we’re their investment.”
[on being outspoken on the issue]
“I don’t care. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m going to tell you the truth. I’m not going to lie to you. What am I going to lie to you about? I’ m just wasting my time. If it’s something concerning my teammates, or the safety of my family, I’ll cuss anybody out of it. I don’t care.”


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