Jones on on-field perpetrators: ‘they should let us have a shot to kick them with metal spikes on’

NEW YORK— When a pair of fans ran onto the field in Tuesday’s Yankees-Orioles game, center fielder Adam Jones didn’t hold back from hollering his opinion as the duo —taken down by the police in center field and behind second base—disrupted the 14-5 Baltimore win and angered Jones.

“I let them know how I felt, obviously a lot of choice words because I think it’s idiotic for people to run on the field and I think the punishment needs to be a lot harsher,” Jones said. “And they should let us have a shot to kick them with our metal spikes on because it’s stupid.

You look like a [idiot] when you run on the field. We don’t go to any other events. We don’t go to other sporting events and do that to their jobs, but they come to ours and do that. I get it, you’re drunk and you want to be on SportsCenter. Your [butt] is going to jail with a fine, and you might not be allowed to come back to the ballpark.”

Tuesday’s violators came from the left-field corner and made it to centerfield with one hiding by second baseman Ryan Flaherty to avoid being captured.

“I remember a couple of years ago, one dude broke his ankle in Baltimore,” Jones said. “I was laughing at him. I wish he shattered his femur because it’s stupid. It’s just plain old stupid. Anybody who does it, I wish the cops tase the living [crap] out of them. I wish that.”

Flaherty said nothing like that has happened to him before and he had a much more light-hearted take on it than Jones.

“I wasn’t sure whether to get out of the way of the guy or tackle him,” Flaherty said. “He was there, but it was kind of funny.

The security guys were just saying leave him alone, leave him alone, leave him alone, so I just stayed there and watched.”


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