Hardy scratched again

DETROIT— Shortstop J.J. Hardy was a late scratch from Sunday’s game and had his batting practice cut short with another back spasm, this time in a different place.

Hardy almost missed Friday’s game and had been dealing with a nagging back spasm that he played through on Wednesday and Thursday before taking the series opener in Detroit off. While his most recent spasm is in a different place, it’s still a concern for a struggling Baltimore, who has been without their starting shortstop for two of three games.

Hardy last season became just the fourth player to hit three or more home runs off Sunday’s Tigers starter Justin Verlander in on season and entered the game a career .258 (7-for-31) with three homers and seven RBIs. The Gold Glover is a huge part of the Orioles infield, with Hardy saving a run in Saturday’s game.

Ryan Flaherty moved from third base to take Hardy’s place, with Jonathan Schoop getting the start at third.


Hi Britt, I recently started reading your blog & game reports to try to follow the O’s more this season. I really enjoy what I’ve read so far, and I’m looking forward to more of your updates. . . . Also, maybe I missed it, but do you know if Showalter broke out the notable “water polo clock” again this spring?? It almost seemed he was the butt of a joke last year with that, despite it’s apparent effectiveness early on in the season. In any case, I thought it was a very colorful if not clever training device (http://pulpephemera.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/showalters-stratagems/).

I have not heard about the clock again this season, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Buck had it out again!

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