Orioles @ Tigers Game 2


Greetings from Comerica Park where the sun is out, so it feels a little warmer than the 38 degrees on the scoreboard.

*J.J. Hardy is back in the lineup after dealing with some lower back spasms yesterday and said he feels a lot better after taking Friday off.

“I think it was a smart move considering the conditions and everything yesterday and what I was feeling the days before,” said Hardy, who played through the spasms on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hardy missed two games last year with the issue and said it was much worse the other times he’s had spasms than the most recent flare-up.

“Before that it has been 2009 in Milwaukee that I had them,” Hardy said. “It’s been a while, so I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of doing my low back exercises. It could have turned into a two-week thing and so it probably was the smart thing to do, take yesterday off.”

*With Hardy in the lineup, the slumping Ryan Flaherty has the day off and Jonathan Schoop is back at third base. Flaherty is 0-for-15 with seven strikeouts.

“Obviously no one wants to start the season 0-for, you want to help the team”, Flaherty said. “When you are not helping the team it’s no fun.”

“Obviously you get that first one out of the way it makes everything a lot easier. But I don’t think you can try for it too hard, which can be the case a lot of the time. And it has a negative effect. But, you get that first one and then you can get things going.”

Flaherty started last year in similar fashion, going 0-for-17 with nine strikeouts and can’t pinpoint why he’s such a slow starter.

“I wish I knew. If I knew it wouldn’t be the case,” he said. “But it is what it is. I’m going to work, get better and you get out of it and things will start going better.”

David Lough LF
Nelson Cruz RF
Chris Davis 1B
Adam Jones CF
Nick Markakis DH
J.J. Hardy SS
Matt Wieters C
Steve Lombardozzi 2B
Jonathan Schoop 3B

Bud Norris RHP

Ian Kinsler 2B
Torii Hunter RF
Miguel Cabrera 1B
Victor Martinez DH
Austin Jackson CF
Alex Avila C
Alex Gonzalez SS
Don Kelly 3B
Rajai Davis LF

Rick Porcello RHP

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“Spray Markaikis at #5?? Ridiculous move by Buck!! He stinks in the clutch and should be off the team!!

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