Tillman on his outing, Buck post game

*Orioles starter Chris Tillman went 3 1/3 innings, allowing five runs on six hits with four strikeouts, although a bunch of the hits were infield singles.

“I’m going based off feel now,” said Tillman, who was clocked in the 90-92 range. “And as long as I feel like I executed the pitch well, physically felt well, that’s all that really matters…first-pitch strikes could have been better and two-strike approach.”

*Xavier Paul will get an X-ray on his right hand after getting hit by a pitch. We should know more on that situation tomorrow.

*Orioles manager Buck Showalter reiterated that the backup catcher providing offense will be seen as something extra, with the team basing the competition between Steve Clevenger and Johnny Monell on defense first.

*Jonathan Schoop continues his hot spring, doubling in a run for his fourth extra-base hit. HE also homered in both intrasquad games before Grapefruit League play started.

*Showalter singled out Urrutia as looking a lot better in the outfield and called Steve Pearce “a rock” for his professionalism and the way he approaches the game. Pearce hit a two-run homer in the fourth inning.


Britt, what has happens to Francisco Peguero? He hasn’t played for about a week and no one has mentioned his name. P

I’ll ask today.

Seems like Machado wants the Trout treatment based on his comments out there. I don’t blame him, He’s a beast at 3rd base. When he fully returns to game shape, I think the O’s should make good by Machado and give him a bump in money. Nothing crazy but maybe $250K or something on top of his $500k+ salary he’s due this year.(Trout got what, $1mill? for his last year of non-arbitration) A show of thanks and tip of the hat for exceeding expectations so early in his career. These little “investments” would go a long way in turning opinions on Angelos and also with the player who will be a free agent one day. Endear him to the club from the top down. He hasn’t proven to be Trout so don’t go nuts yet but setting the standard on rewarding performance isn’t a bad line to walk. Doing so with pre-arb players isn’t going to even dent the bank and the payback will be great.

This is such a non-story. He said he’s disappointed but it is what it is. Happens to young players all the time. –Brit

for my money, Jonathon Schoop would be the starting 2nd baseman this year,

no reason to send him down, he has proved all he  needs to prove!!  Come on Buck, give the kid a break!!!!

I agree with you. Also i believe Gausman should be in the rotation when the season begins. There are younger pitchers in rotations. I think he is a true talent and should be given a rotation slot asap.

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