Update on Santana

The Orioles focus remains on adding a bat — not another starting pitcher– before Opening Day, multiple sources told MLB.com on Friday as rumors swirled that Baltimore was still in on right-hander Ervin Santana.

CBSports.com and FOXSports.com both reported that the Orioles have had active dialogue recently with Santana, who is the best –and one of the only– remaining free agent starters on the market this late. And that could certainly be true, with executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette liking to accumulate pitching depth and perhaps hoping to get a deal on Santana that would make it easier to trade for a designated hitter. But there’s nothing as of Friday afternoon to suggest there’s anything imminent with the Orioles and Santana or even if the talks are serious.

The Santana situation is interesting and certainly something to monitor, but two organizational sources downplayed any serious negotiations between the two parties.

The Orioles signed Ubaldo Jimenez to a four-year, $50 million contract and officially unveiled him in a press conference on Thursday in which Duquette later said that the club was still exploring some external DH options. Jimenez gives the O’s some pitching depth and –assuming everyone stays healthy– there could be enough of a pool to draw from to trade for a bat. Free agents Kendrys Morales and Nelson Cruz are also still in play.


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The addition of Kendrys Morales would be the icing on the cake. In your opinion what are the chances of that happening.


P.S I also think your the cutest O’s reporter, the others are good reporters but they belong in the pound (as in dog).

Yeah, Fritz. We all know how flattered female sports writers are to be called “cute.” Quite the charmer, you are.

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