Two Minutes with…Kevin Gausman

Headed to his bullpen session

Headed to his bullpen session

Kevin Gausman doing a drill in camp.

Kevin Gausman doing a drill in camp.

Most Orioles fans are familiar by now with Kevin Gausman, who made his Major League debut last year after an impressive spring. Gausman was shuttled from Triple-A to the big leagues last year and found a niche in relief after a rocky start in the rotation.

He’s now using that experience in competing for the fifth starter spot this spring. Gausman’s love for mini-powdered doughnuts has been well-documented, but here’s a few more interesting tidbits about one of the Orioles’ top pitching prospects…

Favorite food: I would have to say any kind of hibachi. I think it’s more than just dinner, you know? You watch them make it and they flip broccoli toward you. So, I would say that.

Favorite movie: I like really awkward moments so I’d have to say Napoleon Dynamite.

Hidden talent if you have one: I really don’t have any talents. I’m talentless.

[ I find this really hard to believe.]

I used to play the saxophone, that’s about it. I stopped [my] seventh-grade year.

If I wasn’t a baseball player I’d be…: A historian. I was a history major at LSU. You know Ancient Aliens, the show? It’s on The History Channel, you can watch it. I want to do that, it’d be cool. Basically, they have historians come in and make up these ridiculous assumptions. It’s pretty cool.

Favorite offseason place: I went to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean this offseason. So, probably that.

Prized possession: I have a ball signed by Ozzie Smith and the entire 2010 Aflac All-American game. It’s got like Bryce Harper and I think Manny [Machado] is on it. I guess that would be it. I have it, my mom got me this really corny frame, it’s like a baseball frame that has all these baseballs in it. It’s a home plate.


Gotta love Aflac! 🙂

Loved this, Love this series. !!! KG is funny And talented. So happy he’s an Oriole.

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