Jimenez done deal, pending physical

The Orioles have signed Ubaldo Jimenez to a four-year, $50 million deal pending a physical. You can read the rest of my story on that here.


Is Morales also a possibility?

There was a reason Jimenez was without a contract for so long. There were and are questions about his health and his worth. I see this as a desperate move by the Orioles. More than a couple of teams would have paid him for a year, maybe 2 tops but 4 years? Not good.

People complained when they didn’t spend money, and they’re complaining now. Uncle.

You’re right Britt. Some fans see the glass half empty. I’m excited by this move and, like Tom, hope they sign Kendrys Morales too. You wouldn’t have to put Wieters so high in the order. Imagine…
1 RF Nick
2 3B Manny
3 1B Chris
4 CF Adam
5 DH Kendrys
7 C Matt
8 2B Ryan
9 LF David Lough
Everybody in this lineup except Lough has hit or could hit 20+ homeruns, Yes, I’m including Flaherty in that group.

Britt, I think 4 years 50 mil is a good deal these days. Tho Jimenez has been a bit inconsistent, I believe the Orioles had to do something. Chen, Gonzalez and Norris are not six inning pitchers at this point. Jimenez hopefully will give the Orioles someone outside of Tillman who can give them 6.2 to seven innings. I fervently wish that Jimenez does great things and the other three can pitch past the sixth inning. I hope Gausman has great spring and can crack the rotation. I do not trust the aforementioned trio of Chen, Gonzalez or Norris. I hope all three prove me wrong. Also would like to see Kendry Morales signed. Give up draft pick. Morales can help now and better to have him than some draft pick who may or may not help five years from now. Orioles may have short time span to win. Hardy, Davis and Wieters could all be gone after 2015. Always enjoy your comments and insight.

Por fin me llego el jueguecito y me salio baratito

Well I think Yankees fans and the fans of other east teams are happy about this deal. UJ isn’t worth 4years or the money! As a fifth starter I think is really even stretching it. His injuries alone make this a terrible deal but hey I’m only a fan. So put me down as a no to this deal!

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