Two Minutes with…Brad Brach

The 27-year-old Brad Brach is next in the daily spring series. Brach was traded to the Orioles on November 25, in exchange for minor league RHP Devin Jones, after he was designated for assignment by the Padres five days earlier. The right-hander is competing for a bullpen spot this spring.

Favorite food: Pizza and ice cream. I’ve got a sweet tooth. Being from New Jersey, I like the thin-crust, New York style. I don’t have a favorite topping. On the West Coast [with the Padres] there was just this one place I liked.

Favorite movie: Remember the Titans. I remember first watching it in high school. There’s a lot of movies I like, but that’s my favorite.

Hidden talent: I like to sing, but I’m not very good at it. I would never do it in front of people. I was in chorus in eighth grade, that’s about it. I also had a CD made with these two other guys growing up. It was a rap song. It wasn’t very good.

If I wasn’t a baseball player, I’d be… A high school history teacher and coach. I played basketball, too, so I’d coach basketball and baseball.

Favorite offseason place: I’d have to say Nashville. And also somewhere warmer, my parents live in Arizona. Nashville is one of those places when you first go there, I hadn’t ever really seen live music. And there’s live music everywhere and everyone is really good. You think, ‘How am I ever going to leave here?’ And that’s how they got me.

Prized possession: Probably my wife [singer/song writer Jenae Cherry]’s first CD. I think it was back around 2010.


“If I wasn’t a baseball player, I’d be… A high school history teacher and coach. I played basketball, too, so I’d coach basketball and baseball.”

That could happen sooner rather than later. 27 is kinda old for a would-be Major League rookie.

Please at least Google the player before making a snide comment. He pitched in the Majors some last year and the year prior.

He better start filling out some teaching applications. I don’t think he will last long. SD gave up on him for a reason.

Pitched in the majors “some.” That’s the key word. 27 years old and he hasn’t quite stuck yet, has he? That’s the bottom line. He’s basically a minor leaguer who has had a couple cups o’ coffee in the bigs. And fans will be a LOT happier when the Orioles start signing players we don’t HAVE to Google.

Goober- This is a fun series with guys in Major League camp. It’s not an analysis of their chances to make the team. Just have FUN with it. It’s Spring Training. -Britt

I’m ALWAYS having fun. 24/7/365. Fun and more fun.

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